The Seven Petite Lingerie Styles You Need

 If you have a smaller body frame, it can be hard to find lingerie that fits properly. Sometimes it can be too baggy or just not fit quite right, which can make you feel uncomfortable. More companies have been working to include a variety of bodies in their designs, and that’s where petite lingerie styles come in. 

Everyone should have lingerie that fits them perfectly. Petite lingerie styles are specifically made for smaller frames. The goal of these designs is to fit people 5’3″ and under, regardless of cup size. If you want to try out petite lingerie, start by trying out seven of Cosabella’s most popular petite lingerie styles. 

1. Bella Petite Long Sleeve and Pant Pajamas 

Fullbody petite loungewear styles may not seem like traditional lingerie, but it’s a great addition to any closet. Especially if you live in a colder climate, a loungewear set can keep you warm and comfortable at the same time. Loungewear sets come in a variety of colors and prints, so it’s easy to find one that fits your personal style. Matching sets also help you feel more put together than ones that mismatch. 

When you have a smaller frame, you might feel like it’ll be hard to find a loungewear set where the sleeves are hanging past your hands or the pants bunch up at the bottom. Cosabella offers our signature Bella Pajamas in Petite sizing, made specifically for women under 5’3″.

This means you won’t have to worry about any part being too long or baggy on your frame. You can get loungewear sets with long sleeves, short sleeves, pants, or shorts. Many of these sets will come in the same color, so you can get a different version for every season of the year.   

2. Never Say Never Petite Plungie Bralette

Everyone loves a plunging neckline. Plunging necklines accentuate cleavage and will give your torso a longer look. A V-neck is also great to wear under clothes that have a lower neckline because they won’t be as visible as a traditional bra shape. 

The Never Say Never Petite Plungie Bralette is perfect for a smaller frame. The wireless structure is replaced with a soft, stretchy lace band that can fit around your torso. The flexibility of the band and deep neckline also means you can pull it over your head, rather than struggling with clasps. 

Woman wearing petite plungie lingerie bralette with long underband.

Another nice thing about plunging neckline pieces with a thicker band underneath is that you can wear them like a shirt. It’s the perfect top for a chic look. 

3. Never Say Never Petite Racie Racerback Bralette

Racerback bras are perfect if you have an active lifestyle. You don’t have to worry about straps falling off your shoulders. The Never Say Never Petite Racie Racerback Bralette also has the benefit of a plunging neckline, so you can comfortably wear them with any shirt. The pullover style is great for anyone who hates dealing with pesky clasps. 

Woman wearing petite racerback lingerie bralette.

This bra is also wireless, which we love because it prevents any potential poking or prodding from the wire. The supportive band and mesh lining give you the coverage and support you need to get through your day-to-day life or a night out. 

4. Never Say Never Petite Sweetie Bralette 

The Never Say Never Petite Sweetie Bralette has a beautiful lace pattern that will bring your bralettes to the next level. You have enough space where you don’t have to worry about it poking out from under your shirt. At the same time, you have enough coverage to live your life in this bra without any issues. 

Another benefit to a sweetheart neckline is it creates and accentuates curves on your body. It can also create a sense of definition without having to reveal as much of your chest as a plunging neckline would. 

Woman wearing petite sweetie lingerie bralette with floral lace.

This is another style of bralette that can be worn as a shirt without any issues. Paired with a cute pair of pants or a skirt, and you’ll have fall styles ready to go. We love pairing this style with a cute jacket or cozy sweater to bring everything together. 

5. Paradiso Petite Triangle Bralette

Triangle bralettes are a wonderful choice. The gap between the lace and the straps can give the look of a larger chest and allow you to tastefully show off. 

A lot of people love triangle bralettes because they provide less coverage and are still wireless. The deeper neckline allows for flexibility with a variety of clothing. You can wear this bra all day long without feeling any discomfort. 

The Paradiso Petite Triangle Bralette can be pulled over your head, but it also offers a back clasp for easy adjustments. The adjustable straps also give you flexibility with the style. We love the transparent style of this bralette because it showcases a romantic lace pattern. 

Woman wearing petite bralette with strapping detail.

This style is fun, sexy, and can help make you feel more confident. The variety of color options allows you to go for a softer or edgier look. 

6. Dolce Babydoll 

We love babydoll lingerie because it works on many body types and is fully customizable. You can adjust the straps to have the babydoll sit wherever is most comfortable for you. This style of lingerie often comes without cups built-in, which is great for relaxing.

Woman wearing white babydoll lingerie.

The v-neckline of the Dolce Babydoll gives you all the perks of having a plunging neckline while having a longer look. Babydoll lingerie is a great addition, by itself, as pajamas, or a cute outfit for a sexy night in. 

7. Tempo Strappy Teddy 

Bodysuits are the perfect bra and underwear combination piece. A bodysuit is great if you’re looking for a piece with fuller coverage while still maintaining a sexy appearance. 

Bodysuits have also become popular as a piece of clothing. You can wear it with pants, shorts, skirts, or by itself. There are a lot of different looks you can achieve with bodysuits. You can get fancy, soft-looking lace bodysuits or a more hardcore, strappy, edgier look.

Bodysuits can range from having a sweetheart neckline to a plunging neckline. There are also cut-out and blocking styles to adjust your silhouette. You can get a long sleeve, short sleeve, or spaghetti strap style too. 

Woman wearing petite bodysuit as lingerie.

There are lots of different ways to wear the Tempo Strappy Teddy. Wearing a sheer top over it can give you more coverage while still showing off a great piece. We also recommend trying a cardigan or a button top for a comfortable, casual look. 

Add Petite Lingerie Styles to Your Closet Today 

After exploring these seven different petite lingerie styles, it’s time to find the perfect one to add to your wardrobe. Many of these bra styles have matching panties available so you can feel comfortable and confident in a complete set.  Everyone deserves to have lingerie that fits their body and look amazing at the same time. 

Our goal at Cosabella is to provide lingerie in every style for every body type. The petite lingerie collection gives you the flexibility of finding something you love and know is going to fit, be functional, and last a long time. Shop our collection today and find a piece that will celebrate your body.