The Best and Most Comfortable Jet-Set Bralettes for Travel

Travel has looked very different in recent years, and many of us are ready to go and explore new places in the coming year. When you’re looking to book a flight to an exotic destination, you’re likely considering the weather, packing, and outfit possibilities. If you’re a jet-setter eager to get out of town, you should check out Cosabella’s selection of travel bralettes and how they can help you with your packing and style needs. The best travel bralettes are comfortable, stylish, and easy to mix and match your outfits. 

Interested in learning more? Keep reading for our guide to the best & most comfortable jet-set bralettes for your next trip!

What Is a Bralette? 

Today, bra options are as personal and varied as the wearers themselves. Unlike a traditional bra, which may have underwire, lining, and padding, a bralette is thin, unstructured, and may not have clasps. For many women, the lightweight comfort of a bralette is unbeatable. Nowadays, there are seemingly endless options when shopping for lingerie. Choices range from push-up bras to sports bras, racerbacks to strapless, lace and silk to synthetics.

Benefits of a Bralette 

What’s helping bralettes grow in popularity is their unique ability to function as undergarments and be shown off with your various outfits and clothing choices. Their versatility is especially valuable when traveling as they allow you to pack less, yet be fashion-forward at the same time.

For many women, the comfort component of a bralette is supreme. The lack of structured cups or chaffing underwires has made converts out of many women. And while there is absolutely still a place for traditional bras in your wardrobe, try mixing things up with a bralette from time to time.  

Bralettes are a trending style right now. Many are lacy and delicate, and contain intricate straps and pretty details. It’s not uncommon to see women wear bralettes under a structured blazer or sweater in more cosmopolitan cities around the world. 

There’s good news if you’re curvy on top as well. You can still get plenty of structure and support from bralettes no matter your size. Cosabella’s best-selling collections are available in curvy sizing, specifically designed for DD cups and up.

The Best and Most Comfortable Travel Bralettes

When traveling, space is a resource you don’t want to waste. The good news is that bralettes are lightweight, small, and versatile. For any jet-setting fashionista, bralettes can be incorporated into your wardrobe in order to add some fashion and flair to your style.

1. Lacy and Sexy

No matter where you’re jetting off to, you want your lingerie to help you feel sexy, flirty, and fun while on vacation. When it comes to choosing the right bralette, we recommend either the Never Say Never or Magnolia collections. 

Never Say Never bralettes should be a staple in your wardrobe, no matter where you are in the world. Its soft, delicate lace feels soft and comfortable against your skin on long flights, train or car trips, and even a long day on your feet taking in the sights.  

The Never Say Never comes in several different fits, cuts, and styles. If you want to show off more cleavage with your bralette top, choose the Plungie design. It also has a longline option, which extends the lace covering to the bottom of your ribcage, providing more coverage. Not only is the style beautiful, but it’s also perfect for supporting women with larger busts. Other options include racerback, nursing, padded, and bandeau. 

Woman wearing blue lace bralette, perfect for traveling.

If there is any style of travel bralette made of delicate lace, be sure to check out the Magnolia Tall Triangle Bralette. Its intricate lace and low, plunging neckline make it the perfect choice for a honeymoon or romantic getaway. Its triangular cups provide ample support no matter your bust size. 

Woman wearing white lace bralette to pack in suitcase.

2. Strappy Details 

Another reason for the rise in popularity of bralettes is their stunning designs. From delicate lace to intricate details, bralettes can show off your unique style and taste while still being functional and supportive

The Tempo Collection is a great example of this. It provides coverage, support, and can be worn every day under t-shirts, tanks, or a blazer. The Tempo Triangle Bralette is suggestively sexy yet comfortable. 

Woman wearing travel bralette with strappy back.

If there is any bralette you would want to show off, it’s the Paradiso Triangle Bralette. This style combines semi-sheer lace, vibrant colors, and a variety of strappy cutouts. Available in standard and petite sizing, wear it under a thin, half-buttoned shirt to show it off on the streets of Milan or out to dinner in New York City. 

woman wearing travel bralette with strappy cutouts and intricate lace.

3. Comfortable Basics

Sometimes you need a low-key evening, even if you’re on a trip or traveling somewhere new. When the mood hits to stay in, you may find yourself reaching for the Aire Bralette. Its simple, lightweight design is versatile and goes with any outfit or accessory. Best of all, the Aire is unbeatable when it comes to comfort. Its sleek, minimal appearance also means it can go with any outfit you’ve packed.

Woman wearing thin travel bralette.

No matter what activity you may have planned, the Aire is a great option. For form-fitting tops or dresses, the Aire will ensure no unsightly or embarrassing lines from your undergarments are visible. 

4. Romantic

If traveling with your partner then romance is definitely top of mind. When packing your intimates for that alone time, make sure you pack something from the Campania Collection. The Campania Triangle Bralette is lacy and fun, with intricate lace and bows to show off. Also, it is available in a beautiful shade of white to take on your honeymoon to match your newlywed glow. 

Woman wearing white lace bralette to take on honeymoon.

5. Best Support

For many women, there is a misconception that a bralette can’t offer enough support. Cosabella’s bralettes are made with all-day support in mind.

The Savona Bralette has triangular cups that extend to the shoulder, while the elastic band is securely clasped while wearing. There’s enough coverage while still being stylish and more minimal than other structured bras. 

Woman wearing lace bralette to pack when traveling.

Another option is the Ceylon Modal, which is made from one of the softest and most comfortable materials available. It has a wider band to provide good support, while also featuring triangular cups for more coverage. This design also has lace details to give it a delicate edge, available in standard and curvy sizing.

Woman wearing curvy bralette to pack when traveling.

6. Everyday Wear

For every day wear anywhere in the world, the Soire Confidence collection is unmatched. The design may seem simple, but its versatility is not. The Soire Confidence Bralette is lightweight with an elastic band, available in standard and curvy sizes, which allows for all-day wear without sacrificing comfort. You can tour museums all morning and shop all afternoon without worry about your intimates.

Woman wearing mesh travel bralette.

If you want to upgrade even the most casual travel outfit, add the Dolce bralette to your suitcase. The Dolce has a unique lace design to make it beautiful as well as comfortable. 

Woman wearing lace triangle cup bralette.

Women with larger busts can get plenty of support and coverage with the Curvy Dolce option, the same intricate lace with support for DD cups and up. Any outfit will benefit from wearing the Dolce underneath!

Woman wearing curvy lace cup bralette.

7. Plus Size Bralette

For those who have larger chests, a halter bralette can help give more support while still providing all-day comfort. Because women and their busts come in all shapes and sizes, so do our extended size bralettes which are perfect for traveling. Our plus-size travel bralettes include the Never Say Never collection, which includes luxurious lace, now in best-selling prints of the season! Racerback and regular strapping is available up to size X3.

Woman wearing extended lace bralette with leopard print.

Get Ready to Take Off with Travel Bralettes

When you’re ready to pack your bags and set off to new destinations, don’t forget to pack your favorite bralettes for the trip. The best and most comfortable jet-set bralettes will provide comfort, enhance your style and turn heads everywhere you go. 

Visit our website to stock up on all our best-selling travel bralettes for any vacation. We have you covered for any destination for your upcoming getaways.