Tezza Gets Cozy with Cosabella x Dwellstudios

Cosabella x DwellStudios

Hey Bellas! It’s time to cozy up with Tezza of By Tezza and the Cosabella x DwellStudios pajama collaboration. Tezza is wearing the Bella Longsleeve & Pant PJ Set in the Kimono Clouds Print.

Is there a better feeling than going home after a long travel?!  What is it about your own space and your own bed that just feels so right? It’s been a crazy month of being all over the place and I am feeling very lucky to have seen such amazing parts of the world, but even just the idea of coming back to NY excites me every single time. 
Cosabella x DwellStudios
 I decided, yes once again, to change up my bedding. Cole and I wanted to go with a more neutral pallet and get something that was really fresh and cozy as Fall is quickly approaching. We found all of our bedding at DwellStudio which I will add the official links below! Of course, I talked him into letting me add the pink undertones. I am lucky he is so easy going haha but let’s be real, what’s wrong with a man who likes a little pink? The jet lag is hitting us pretty hard right now so I think we deserve a day in bed, PJs, cereal, and laptops, catching on emails! Why does that sound so dreamy? ( Ps. The Pj’s are from Cosabella and I can’t take them off! Hands down the most comfortable set I have ever owned.) It’s a top and bottom set but also has a matching robe which I love to wear while getting ready! 
Cosabella x DwellStudios Cosabella x DwellStudios
 As I have spent so much time in Europe the last few months I picked up on the European way of life and how they balance their work and social life. Maybe part of it is living in NY but my entire life I have spent so much time working and pushing my self towards goals I have and leaving little time to take care of myself and get the proper amount of sleep and social time. Sometimes I sit back and think, what is the point? The point of life is to make memories and spend time with the people you love. It’s hard when your hobbies become your work and so you do love it but you forget to have date nights, go on real vacations and rest your body! I am going to make a change, and work to live instead of live to work. It’s possible to do it all and to still reach your goals! 
Cosabella x DwellStudios
For everyone out there reading this, throw on some pajamas and have a day in, take a day for yourself. Read a book, watch a show, cook some food, listen to music, do something you never have the time to do!

 Get Tezza’s Look:

Cosabella x DwellStudios
Bella Printed Sleep Shirt
Cosabella x DwellStudios
Bella PRinted Long Sleeve Top & Pant PJ Set

About Cosabella x DwellStudios:

The new Cosabella X DwellStudios collaboration is a match made in pajama heaven! Our cult-classic Bella PJs are available in prints sourced from the DwellStudio archive. Bold, eye-catching, and modern. These prints were taken straight from bedding and home décor accents and are now available as your favorite pajamas.