Surviving Cuffing Season: Advice from Lindsey Metselaar

With autumn leaves paving the ground and winter chills making everyone yearn for warmth, ‘Cuffing Season’ is officially upon us. For those unfamiliar, this term refers to the time of year when singles feel the urge to find a partner to “cuff” or be in a relationship with during the colder months. But how do we navigate this complex period without losing ourselves in the process? Lindsey Metselaar, the creator of the popular podcast We Met At Acme, has some insights for us. With her podcast focusing on millennial dating and her unique experience from her discussions, she’s certainly the go-to expert on this topic.

Lindsey’s Top 5 ‘Cuffing Season’ Survival Tips

  1. Standards Are Key – It’s tempting to cozy up with the first person that comes your way, but Lindsey advises against it. Just because the temperature drops, doesn’t mean your standards should too. Seek a genuine connection.

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2. Seasonal vs. Genuine Interest – Are they into you or just the idea of having someone? This season is notorious for short-lived romances, so ensure your partner’s interest is genuine.

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3. Follow The Dating Rules – If you’re clueless about dating protocols, Lindsey’s podcast episode titled “The Complete and Total Guide to the Dating Rules” is a must-listen. Stick to these rules, especially the vital ones.

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4. Maintain Your Social Life – Winter shouldn’t freeze your social commitments. Prioritize your friends and attend social events. Who knows, you might even meet someone special!

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5. Enjoy The Ride – Don’t stress! Embrace the dating process, even if it requires bundling up in your warmest winter gear.

Common ‘Cuffing Season’ Questions
Lindsey often encounters queries like:

  • Double Dating Dynamics: “All my friends are already in relationships, when is it too soon to double date with the person I’ve shacked up with??”
  • Introduction Etiquettes: “Is it a red flag if they haven’t introduced me to anyone?”
  • Defining The Relationship: “How long is too long to not have defined things with someone I’m dating?”

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In conclusion, ‘Cuffing Season’ is more than just a dating trend—it’s an annual ritual that many engage in. While it’s easy to get caught up in the whirlwind of winter romances, Lindsey Metselaar reminds us to remain true to ourselves and our standards. Whether you find someone to cuddle with or simply enjoy the beauty of the season solo, ensure you do it on your own terms. And remember, whether in love or in dating, it’s the journey that counts.