Supportive Styles for Larger Busts: Cosabella Curvy Collection

Comfort, support, and beautiful styling are the characteristics that define a supportive bra or bralette. Cosabella specializes in bras and bralettes that are specifically designed for larger cup sizes. Recognizing that women need bras that fit their unique curves, Cosabella designs supportive styles for larger busts in a wide range of sizes.

Cosabella has styles up to an L cup, with sizes that go up to 3X. In addition, our collection includes racerback bras, underwired options, strapless bras, maternity bras, and a wide range of other choices. No matter what look you’re aiming for, Cosabella provides a bra that can meet your needs.

Supportive Styles – Bra or Bralette?

Supportive Bralettes

Bralettes are less structured than bras. A bralette doesn’t have wiring and tends to be lined rather than padded. Bralettes also tend to be more concealing, with bigger cups and a broad panel at the back. Made from stretch fabric, a bralette offers a high level of comfort while providing support for larger busts that women need.

Woman wearing the best-selling Never Say Never Curvy Sweetie Bralette.

Although bralettes have a less structured form, clever use of stretch, supportive materials, and design features such as a broad band beneath the breasts, wide straps, and a generous back panel results in a garment that still provides a good level of comfortable support.

Supportive Bras

Bras are designed to provide additional lift and definition. They may also offer greater support. Generally, bras contain padding to lift or enhance the bust. They may also contain wiring, to provide additional support and uplift. 

The bras from Cosabella are designed to provide women with the shaping and support they need. At the same time as providing an enhanced level of comfort. Our supportive styles of bras include features such as wider shoulder straps to provide more comfort and support. We use silicone in the construction of our wireless bras. This results in strapless bras that stay in place without the need for underwire, even in larger cup sizes.

Woman wearing the Never Say Never Curvy Flirtie Bandea for support for larger busts.

Side boning and side slings in our bras help to achieve a more defined shape and a smoother line. To ensure all-day comfort, bras are lined with high-tech materials such as power mesh. These wick moisture away from the skin at the same time as offering a high level of support. 

Other features such as a wide band beneath the cups and a generous back band contribute to the overall comfort.

Woman wearing Soire Confidence Curvy Bralette for support for larger busts.

The Curvy Collection

The Curvy Collection is designed for women who have a large cup size and a smaller bust. Traditionally, larger cup sizes have been only available when combined with a large chest size. Cosabella has changed this, creating feminine braletteslong-line bralettes, and a selection of pretty lingerie that offers comfort and support as well as good looks.

Woman wearing the Paradiso Curvy Bralette for support for larger busts.

In addition to including bras that are specifically intended for wear with a strapless top or dress, the Curvy Collection also includes maternity bras and racerback bralettes.

Woman wearing the Never Say Never Curvy Maternity Bralette.

The intention behind the Curvy Collection is to provide a versatile selection of underwear that provides a suitable choice to wear beneath any item in your wardrobe. For example, some of our bralettes feature smooth lines that make them ideal to wear beneath T-shirts or blouses. 

We understand that women want pretty yet practical underwear that can be relied upon for comfort and support. If you’re struggling to find bras in your size that give you the support you need without being weighed down, the Curvy Collection is worth a look.

The Ultra Curvy Collection 

Are you a narrow-chested woman that takes needs an I cup or larger? The Ultra-Curvy collection has been specifically designed with bands that start at 30″ available in an I through to L cup. We’ve created bras and bralettes that provide the level of support you need, prioritizing comfort without sacrificing style.

To provide a bra you can rely on, without resorting to heavy-duty boning or wiring, we utilize high-tech materials that offer exceptional stretch, wicking properties, and styling that reduces the risk of chafing, sweat rash, or painful “digging in”. 

Woman wearing Never Say Never Ultra Curvy Bralette, a supportive style for larger busts.

Our bralettes in the Ultra Curvy collection feature wide bands, broad, adjustable shoulder straps, and soft-stretch material that bounces back, wash after wash. These bralettes don’t have wiring and have minimal padding. Available in a wide range of different colors, there’s an Ultra Curvy bralette to suit every mood.

The combination of luxurious lace and high-quality materials result in supportive styles that give you the look you want with the shaping you need.

The Extended Collection

No matter what size you are, the right level of bra support and comfort is critical. Our Extended Collection is intended for larger women who want bras and bralettes that fit properly and provide a good level of comfort throughout the day.

The Extended Collection goes up to 3XL (38F or 40DD). Pretty bralette styles include racerback, longline, as well as maternity bras.

Woman wearing Never Say Never Extended Racie Racerback Bralette, a supportive style for larger busts.

We don’t use wires in our Extended Collection. Support is achieved through a combination of clever styling. Such as wider shoulder straps and broader bands, and the use of stretchy fabrics that keep everything in place.

How to Measure Your Size Correctly

Nobody should have intimates that fit incorrectly. Yet four out of five women end up wearing a bra that doesn’t fit as it should. Although there are several reasons for this, one reason may be that the bra wasn’t correctly sized when purchased.

To ensure you end up with a bra or bralette that fits as it should, we recommend following the steps from our page “How to Measure” to accurately size your bra.

Shop Cosabella’s Supportive Styles for Larger Busts

Cosabella is dedicated to providing bras and bralettes for women in all sizes. With more than 35 years of experience, we are proud to provide supportive styles that are pretty yet functional. Each style is ideal for women who deserve lingerie that won’t let them down.