Something For Your Sweet Tooth This Spring

Something for your sweet tooth this Spring with Cosabella’s “Sweet Treats” Collection

Sweet Treats - Cosabella's "Sweet Treats" Collection

Cosabella’s new “Sweet Treats” collection of packaged thongs available in fun new patterned lace designs all with the same, one size fits all, sizing you know and love! Cosabella puts their signature twist on the classic lace thong by offering fun patterns like a chevron geo, cheetah and medallion. “Sweet Treats” are individually packaged in their own cute mini gelato container each with a unique lid design.

Cosabella Sweet Treats Collection Gelato Containers

The Geo features a modern geometric lace design with laser cut precision.

Cosabella Sweet Treats "Geo" Container


Cosabella Sweet Treats Lingerie - Geo Thong

The Cheetah features monochromatic spots.

Cosabella Sweet Treats Lingerie Container - Cheetah

Cosabella Sweet Treats Lingerie Collection- Cheetah Thong

The Medallion is a unique circular patterned lace.

Cosabella Sweet Treats Lingerie Collection - Medallion

Cosabella Sweet Treats Lingerie Collection - Medallion Thong

If you are ever in New York City, check out some of Cosabella’s favorite Sweet Treats.

Dana’s Bakery

A New York City must have, Dana’s Bakery brings you delicious treats revolutionizing the traditional French macaron with an authentic American twist. Available in flavors inspired by classic desserts, pastries, candy and sweet treats! From S’mores to Fruity Cereal, and unique seasonal favorites that include October’s Candy Corn Macaron, and Pie-inspired Macarons for Thanksgiving, you will not be able to get enough of Dana’s Macarons.

Dana's Bakery Macaroons Dana's Bakery NYC


Doughnut lovers everywhere rejoice as Doughnuttery puts a modern spin on the classic doughnut creating amazing little mini doughnuts packed with big flavor. Deep friend and sprinkled with your choice of unique sugars then paired with their homemade dipping sauce they are sure to make your mouth water just thinking of them.

Doughnuttery NYC Doughnuttery Donuts


For an experience like no other, stop by Sprinkles Cupcake ATM, yes you heard that right, Cupcake ATM! Serving up fresh cupcakes at all hours of the day, with just a push of a button, and a credit card of course. A true one of a kind experience the mechanical robot goes to work and selects a fresh baked cupcake of your choosing and presents it to you in its revolving door. Don’t forget to take a selfie you could end up on their website cupcake ATM photo stream!

Cupcake ATM Sprinkles Cupcake ATM


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