8 Self-Care Gifts for Yourself on Valentine’s Day

Treat yourself this year

8 things you can do for better self care

Feeling stressed, rushed, anxious or just plain exhausted? Maybe you’re in need of some extra me-time, and what better what to do it than with some self-care gifts.

No better way to show some self love this year than by treating yourself with these self-care gifts. Go ahead, you deserve it.

Ways to treat yourself this year

Even if you’re busy, there’s always a way to make time for some self-care. After all, you should always put yourself first. You can’t help others if you don’t help yourself!

Don’t let self-care feel like a burden or a luxury; everyone deserves to feel their best. The best type of self-care is making sure that you’re taking care of yourself with compassion.

Call up a loved one

These days, it’s easy to stay in touch with everyone via text. When’s the last time you had a long phone conversation? Take a step back from life for a little while and call up a loved one. You’ll feel better after catching up and spending that time together.

Try out a new beauty treatment

It can be easy to get caught in a routine when it comes to beauty. Why not try something new? Whether you’re treating yourself to a new hair treatment or finally trying out that face mask, give your body a little extra care with something new to you.

self-care gifts beauty skin care routine treatment

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Indulge in a hobby

Find a hobby that you enjoy doing, whether it’s painting, reading, photography, making birdhouses, or whatever you love to do, and spend some time working on it. Let yourself have those moments of pure joy while also feeling accomplished with what you’ve created.

self-care gifts read a new book

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Do a small act of kindness

Whether it’s complementing a stranger’s shoes in the coffee shop or going out of your way to tell a coworker how amazing their project is, performing a small act of kindness will make you feel amazing knowing you passed on some love toward someone else. Making others feel good can make you feel good, too!

Go to bed early (or sleep in)

You’d be amazed how getting a little more sleep can have a huge impact on the way you feel. A few nights a week, try to stock up on some more sleep. Wind down about an hour before bed with a good book and a hot tea to help relax.

self-care gifts get some extra sleep

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Go outside (and be with nature)

Sometimes being outside with nature is the best way to recharge and reset for the day. Spend your lunch break in the local park or decide to walk to work that day and relish in the fresh air.

Wear fancy lingerie

There’s something special about wearing a matching set of lingerie. You’ll feel special, empowered and even more beautiful than you already are. You don’t need a reason (or a person!) to wear a beautiful set of lingerie; go ahead and give yourself the gift of luxury with a luxe bra and panty pair.

self-care gifts lingerie

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Take some time to give yourself a little extra love this year, Bellas, because you definitely deserve it.