Rachel going ba-na-nas for Kim K and Cosabella boy shorts.

In case you missed last nights Cosabella shout out on The Rachel Zoe Project here are dets on Rachel going ba-na-nas for Kim and Cosabella boy shorts.

On a last minute video shoot for Kim Kardashian’s fragrance Rachael styles the buxom beauty  in a crisp white collared shirt, black lace bra and of course Cosabella boyshorts. After telling Joey to go fetch the Cosabella’s she proclaims:

‘Wearing a men’s shirt and boys’ shorts is one of the best ways to look subtly sexy.

‘You want to unbutton the top two buttons, wear a pretty bra underneath.

‘You wear boys’ shorts because it is more than underwear but you’re not wearing pants, and it’s just kind of effortless sexy.’







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