Which PJs Should You Wear For Your Netflix Binge

Hot date with your Netflix queue? Grab your wine, get your ice cream and settle in – it’s binge time

Netflix has been on fire lately. With hot new releases and their awesome Netflix Originals, it’s much harder to find incentive to leave the house these days. Here at Cosabella, we understand the addiction all too well and since the cold weather doesn’t seem to be letting up anytime soon, your fellow couch potatoes are here with a list of our favorite shows (and what we wear when we settle in for our Netflix binge!). If you’re looking for a new show to get into (aka: become obsessed with), here are four different shows that we’re loving right now.

Want a quirky comedy to reignite your inner child?



WHAT IT’S ABOUT: After being held captive in an underground bunker for 15 years, Kimmy Schmidt gets a second chance at life. Armed with her sassy roommate, a yellow cardigan, and some light-up sneakers, the sweetly naive Kimmy is out to catch up on the years that she’s missed and take Manhattan by storm. Brilliantly self-aware, this show doesn’t take itself too seriously. The cast is hilarious and every episode will leave you with that feel-good feeling.

WHAT TO WEAR: Cute is key for Kimmy-worthy PJs. Embrace your inner child with Denisse Printed, an unapologetically precious group that has all of Kimmy’s favorite things (flowers, colors, and more flowers). The relaxed fit allows for free range of movement – a great reminder of the benefits of not being trapped in an underground bunker.

netflix binge

Looking for a dark and suspenseful thriller?

netflix binge


WHAT IT’S ABOUT: Vigilante hacker, Elliot, becomes involved with a project to take down a powerful conglomerate. This series is a heart-pounding thriller that exposes just how much goes on below the surface of what the public eye sees. Dark and thought-provoking, Mr. Robot illuminates a political and social message about the staggeringly uneven distribution of wealth in the United States. You don’t need hacker skills to appreciate this compelling and action-packed series.

WHAT TO WEAR: Nothing beats all black for blending into the shadows. The sleek and sophisticated Baya has satin panels to update a monochrome look. This collection is versatile enough to be worn at home or on the go.

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Need an adorably awkward rom-com? netflix binge


WHAT IT’S ABOUT: We can all relate to main character, Rebecca Bunch, who is still hopelessly hung up on her teenage love, Jeff. Dropping everything, Rebecca leaves her fancy high-rise and prestigious law firm to be “accidentally” reunited with him. Like watching the antics of your best friend (and paired with ridiculous musical numbers), this comedy is a mirror of all the cringe-worthy, awkward, and irrational things we do in the pursuit of love.

WHAT TO WEAR: The Hustle collection is as cool as Rebecca Bunch isn’t. This classic silhouetted collection can go anywhere (even from New York to California). When you’re scheming a plan to “bump” into your ex (and make him realize that you’ve been the girl for him this whole time), Hustle is the way to go. Bonus: the cozy fabric will keep you warmed up for any impromptu musical numbers you find yourself in.

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Craving an action-packed superhero show?

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WHAT IT’S ABOUT: One word: cool. Based on Marvel comic books, Luke is the quiet employee of a local Harlem barbershop – who just happens to be indestructible. The result of mysterious scientific experiments, Luke attempts to draw as little attention to himself as possible, wanting to just be “normal”. But when the kingpin of Harlem’s underground begins terrorizing the streets, Luke steps up to fight back and defend his city.

WHAT TO WEAR: Spotlight is a modern loungewear collection that can take you from lounging to running errands to fighting crime – all while being stylish. Having superhero envy? The Spotlight Kimono Robe is the next best thing to having a cape of your own.

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