Perfect time for self care: Guest post

Today we have a guest blog post all about self care from the blogger duo behind the site Beauty Disclosed. You can learn more about them and their mission here on their blog.

Everyone knows the importance of self care and taking time to love yourself and feel your best. Let’s learn a few tips and tricks from Lauren and Kim on how they unwind after a long day.

self care tips and tricks

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Self care time

When we think of Valentines Day, love is the first thing that comes to mind! And there’s no better love than the kind we have with ourselves. So, this Valentines Day we’re celebrating with some self-care! We’re taking some extra time for ourselves and wanted to share with you our favorite ways to treat ourselves. We’ve collaborated with Cosabella, THE perfect destination for whatever you’re looking for this Valentines Day, and Fresh, one of our favorite go-to skincare brands for the ultimate self-care guide. Get ready for some extra pampering, morning and night! YOU DESERVE IT!

self care with Cosabella

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In the Morning

L here! So excited to share with you guys my favorite ways to practice self-care, right from the moment you wake up! You know we’re all about inner and outer beauty so I’ve rounded up things that help me to feel relaxed and pampered mind, body, and spirit.

Wakeup with a morning meditation or devotion:

There’s nothing better than gratitude for setting the tone of the day. We love Journey to the Heart and The Daily Stoic for a quick morning read. Headspace also has some of our favorite morning meditations

self care

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Nourish your body:

When we really have time in the morning and want an extra special routine, we always make a yummy breakfast (and smoothie). Our routine starts like this- First, hot lemon water (during the meditation/devotion). Next, Green Vibrance for digestive health.

GET COZY | Facemask + Podcast + Custom Latte:

This is one of our absolute favorite ways to pamper ourselves, and something so easy to do at home!

We love a good robe. First, throw on your coziest robe. Cosabella just came out with the coziest new robes. They’re heavy enough to feel super comfy, but light and breathable enough that you stay perfectly snuggled inside. HIGHLY recommend.

Then, make a custom latte in your favorite mug (we add MCT Oil Powder and Inulin for fiber, froth Chocolate Almond Milk, and top with nutmeg or cinnamon).

Next, pick a Podcast (we love Skinny Confidential, Diet Starts Tomorrow, The Good Life, Being Boss, and Mind Body Green, to name a few). Grab your favorite face mask (we’re obsessed with the Fresh Rose Face Mask which has real roses to hydrate and tone). Lastly, don’t forget to apply a lip treatment (using Fresh Tinted Sugar Balm today, its v moisturizing and the tints are sheer, perfect for any skin tone).

Now, sit back, snuggle up, and sip your delish drink as you take an hour to listen to something just for you.

feel your best with self care

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Work it out:

Next up, we’re headed to a workout. When you’re working on a day of self-care, really listen to your body and choose your workout accordingly. Today’s not the day we’re making it to bootcamp. Instead, opt for a workout that is kind to your body and mind. We’re headed to Y7 Studios with one of our favorite instructors, who we know will nourish our body AND mind.

Treat yourself:

To round out the morning, we like to pick one thing to treat ourselves. Go grab the new lipstick or leggings you’ve been eyeing. Pick up flowers for your apartment or home. Make a facial or massage appointment. Whatever it is that will make you feel special today, DO IT! A facial at Rescue Spa is our treat of choice, so off we go!

In the Evening

Kim here! When it comes to a night-time routine we love to focus on practices that help us to unwind and decompress. No matter what the day held, when we get home it’s our time to recharge, blow off some steam if needed, and calm our mind, body and spirit!

get cozy in a plush luxurious hotel robe

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Take It Off (lol literally):

First and foremost, when it comes to self-care, the first thing I love to do when I get home is shower up and get into my cozies. We’ve been loving Fresh Beauty’s Soy Face Cleanser. After using One Love Organics Vitamin B Enzyme Cleansing Oil to melt off make-up, we then reach for Fresh Beauty’s cleanser which is a super gentle gel cleanser that uses soy proteins that help to remove traces of dirt and makeup without stripping skin of essential moisture. Two other power ingredients we love in this cleanser are Cucumber Extract, which aids in soothing skin and Rosewater, which helps to calm and balance pH. Ps. Are you babes double cleansing?! We can’t stress the importance of double cleansing enough- but we’ll dive into that another day ;p

After a nice, hot, long shower (and sometimes even bubble bath on the weekends), I reach for my Cosabella robe and let the indulging begin! There’s nothing better than throwing on a soft, cozy yet lightweight robe to make you feel like a queen, am I right?! It’s seriously so luxurious and we love that it actually stays in place. There’s a nifty little tie on the inside seam to help the bottom layer stay crossed and closed- goodbye nip slips! It’s cozy enough for winter, but we know we’ll be wearing these through all seasons!


One thing we’re big believers in is multi-tasking. It’s not very often that we get to come home, truly shut off work, and just veg out for the night. We’re both super busy, but always find ways to take care of ourselves while taking care of work. How do we do it? Multi-masking! After throwing up my hair, I love applying a mask at night at least twice a week- one for exfoliation and one for hydration.  Fresh Beauty’s Rose Face Mask is a cult favorite and for good reason! This silky hydrating mask has real rose petals, rosewater, cucumber extract, and aloe vera to instantly soothe, tone and brighten. It smells like fresh roses which instantly puts me in a relaxed mood. After throwing on a mask and letting it absorb for 20-30 min, we tend to our other duties- cleaning up, prepping dinner, finishing up work from the day, or taking some time to chat with our hunnies to ask how their day went!

Get your calm on:

Post masking, we head into our lengthy nighttime skincare regiments (again, we’ll save this self-care story for another day ;). My last step to get ready for a peaceful night’s sleep is a little CBD oil. The one that’s worked great for me is Plant People’s Drops+ Sleep. This oil aids in hormone balance and adrenal support which are essential in reducing daily stress and promoting calm for better sleep. It definitely has a hemp taste which isn’t my favorite, but well worth it for a good night’s sleep! We’ve seen CBD sweeping all over the beauty and wellness industries, is anyone interested in us reviewing more CBD products?! Let us know in the comments below!