What To Pack: Your Ultimate Hospital Bag Checklist

Hospital Bag Checklist

Mommy Bella, Morgan Bullard, is letting us join in on a magical moment: the long-awaited arrival of her new child. We asked what she’s bringing in her hospital bag for a sneak peek of her favorite maternity goodies for her hospital bag checklist. For stylish and functional maternity lingerie and sleepwear, be sure to visit our Maternity selection.

Hospital Bag Checklist
Morgan is wearing the Bella Printed Sleep Shirt in Kimono Clouds

The Hospital Bag

Hospital Bag Checklist

Drew and I both got matching Storksak Cabin Wheeled Carry-on Bags that have an amazing hanging organizer inside. You can actually hang up the inside organizer in a closet or whoever, so you don’t have to unpack and unfold everything in your bag. So genius!! These rolling duffels are the perfect bags to take with us to the hospital. They are perfect for general travel to, and they’re really light-weight and so functional. We love them!  They fit everything we need for us, the baby, and they still have room left in them for last minute items. I got the grey color (which is so cute!) and Drew got the classic black color for his.


Robe: This robe from Cosabella matches my cute little nightshirt and it’s perfect to throw on over my nursing nightgown in case I get chilly. It’s so much cuter and softer than the hospital robe, and I plan on changing into this soon after she’s born.

Hospital Bag Checklist

2 Nursing Bras – I love these Never Say Never Mommie Nursing Bras from Cosabella. They’re pretty, soft, comfy, and so functional. They are pricier, but I’ve tried on sooo many nursing bras and they’re either comfy and super hideous or they’re just okay looking at so uncomfortable/itchy. I love the fabric on these, and totally feel like they’re worth the investment. I have the blush (nude), black, and light pink. I sized up to a L in these because I know that I will get bigger as I start to breastfeed.

Hospital Bag Checklist

1 Nursing Nightgown: This Cosabella Never Say Never Mommie Babydoll Nightgown is the same style as my nursing bras. It’s so soft + comfortable and fits TTS. I have my normal Medium in the graphite and pink colors.

Hospital Bag Checklist

2 Sets of Pajamas: For me, I want something super soft and breathable. I’m typically pretty hot natured, and love super-soft things, especially when I’m not feeling well. This button down nightshirt is amazing for so many reasons. It’s super soft, it buttons all the way down making it easy to breastfeed in, and I know the doctors/nurses will be coming in frequently to check me, so I don’t want to constantly have to think about taking off and putting back on pajama shorts/pants. 

Hospital Bag Checklist

Boyshort Undies: My mom raves about the mesh undies that the hospital gives you, so just in case I don’t love them, I’m packing a few pair of my fave *black* boy shorts. These black boyshorts are also super comfy and will be perfect for after baby too. I love wearing boyshorts to bed just to sleep in. 

Slippers: I love these from UGG because they’re SO warm and comfy. They’re the moccasin style, so they stay on your feet!

Fuzzy Socks with Grippers: The hospital socks look so gross (lol), so I am packing a couple pairs of my own just in case!

Blanket: I love all things soft, and sometimes hospitals can be really chilly so packing this blanket from The Little Giraffe was a must! I have the Luxe Snow Leopard Print in the smaller size, and the print is SO gorgeous! Use code ‘MORG20’ to save 20% off everything on The Little Giraffe site. 


Hospital Bag Checklist

Makeup Remover Wipes: These from Philosophy are my FAVE! I love The Philosophy Purity face wash, and these are a convenient take on that. Their perfect for travel in general, and especially the hospital!  I hate sleeping in makeup, and these will be so handy just to refresh my face during our stay.

Claraderm Spray: For pre-delivery prep + post-delivery recovery I’ve heard this is incredible.

Essential Oils + Diffuser: I LOVE the lavender + stress away. I’ll be diffusing them in the L&D room and after she’s here too in the regular room. I’ve been using these two every night since I got them. I’m also planning on applying lavender & frankincense topically throughout labor.

Rose Ointment: For breastfeeding – I’ve heard this is incredible. It smells heavenly & I’ve been using it on my chapped lips and love it!!

Dry Shampoo: The Batiste in the original fragrance is my all-time fave dry shampoo. I’ve tried them all and always come back to this one. I love the XL can from Ulta because it lasts longer!

Hairbrush + Comb (for my bun!):

Makeup Bag

Toiletry Bag: Deodorant, toothpaste, toothbrush (I have the copper and LOVE this toothbrush!), body wash, travel size shampoo/conditioner (doubt I’ll be washing my hair but ya never know!)

Lip Balm: love this serum!

Coconut Oil: For breastfeeding – I’ve heard it’s amazing! I found this one in a tube on Amazon, which is so convenient. It’s 100% pure, cold-pressed, organic coconut oil (which are 3 *musts* since it will be going directly on my skin + the baby).

Mama Frida: For washing yourself comfortable after baby

Travel Skincare (face wash, moisturizer)

Extra Ponytail holders: these ones are so cute and comfy! My fave!

Flip Flops for Hospital Shower (ew): These are super inexpensive and the light blush color is too cute.

Miscellaneous Extras

Hospital Bag Checklist

Nursing Pads

Birthing Ball: I’m just taking my exercise ball with us as I’ve heard it’s super helpful during L&D. It’s so big and bulky, so I’m hoping we don’t accidentally leave this at home haha.

Breast Pump: So the lactation nurses can help me figure it out.

Phone Charger

Camera + Camera Charger

Wallet: ID + Insurance Card

Baby Book (still need to pick this out!)

Nursing Pillow

For Baby

Hospital Bag Checklist

Car Seat: We have the Nuna PIPA Lite in Grey and love how light-weight it is!

Car Seat Cover in “Bloom”

Diaper Bag

2 Onesies

2 Pairs of Mittens

2 Bow Hats

2 Swaddle Sets

A few different pacifiers

3 Hair Bows

Going Home Outfit

Hospital Blanket + Newborn Hat from Hospital: For my mom + dad to take home for Penny & Charlie to get used to her smell.


Toiletry Essentials: Toothbrush (Drew has the same quip toothbrush in slate & loves his too!), toothpaste, deodorant, contact solution

Travel Skincare Set for combination skin

Phone Charger


2 Pairs of Sweatpants

2 Comfy Tees




Slipper Mocassins: I got these for Drew for Christmas and they’re SO perfect. Super comfy and durable.