Our best bra care tips

Take care of your bra the RIGHT way

(Since tossing it in the washer is not okay)

Now that you’ve found the perfect bra, it’s important to use proper care in order to protect your beloved lingerie. While it’s tempting to just toss in your bras in the wash, don’t! This can damage your pieces over time. Learn the best ways on how to take care of your delicate items.

Our best bra care tips

cosabella bra care tips on washing, drying and storing

Switch it up

Give each bra a rest rather than wearing the same piece two days in a row. It’s important to cycle through your wardrobe so your pieces don’t become worn out.

We recommend your bra wardrobe consists of at least 3 pieces to rotate through. This way, you have one bra you’re currently wearing, one in the wash and another in your drawer.

Washing and drying

Hand washing bras is preferred over machine washing. Make sure to use luke warm water and an alcohol-free detergent. It’s best to let your intimates soak for up to an hour, while gently rubbing the fabric together to remove any dirt. Rinse in cool water.

When you’re finished washing, be careful not to wring or squeeze your bra. Instead, place the washed piece on top of a dry, fluffy towel, and layer another towel on top to gently press any excess water out.

Hang drying lingerie is a must. Never place your bra inside the dryer. Tumble dryers can break down the elastic within your bra, causing it to shrink or fall apart. If you air dry your delicates, they will last much longer.


As for storing, be mindful of how your bras are organized. Use a drawer with dividers to keep bras upright and safe from damage. Store them standing up in a row, cup-to-cup and never folded in half. This will help keep the shape in tip-top form.

A bra’s quality is expected to last about 6 months, but with these bra care tips, you’ll be able to extend its lifecycle.