NYFW Survival Kit + Essentials

NYFW, New York Fashion Week, NYFW essentials, NYFW survival kit
New York Fashion Week has finally come to an end. The bustling city was swept up in a fervor as bloggers, press, buyers, and other hopefuls vied for the chance to witness the brilliance of both renowned and up-and-coming fashion designers. For those lucky few who were granted access, it’s constant mad dash from one show to the next. Cosabella got the chance to catch up with blogger/stylist Mel Denisse to ask what her NYFW essentials were (which you can shop here!).

Mel Denisse’s Fashion Week Must-Haves

(Don’t leave your hotel room without them!)

1. A comfortable bralette

NYFW, New York Fashion Week, NYFW essentials, NYFW survival kit, Never Say Never Dreamie, triangle bralette

NYFW days are long. From AM meetings to shows and then the afterparties, you want to wear something that’s all-day comfortable. Me’s pick is the Never Say Never Dreamie, a lace triangle bralette in Deep Ruby. Pair with a V-Neck top for an unexpected pop of color.

2. Coffee…lots of coffee

Happy Bones Co, NYC coffee shop, NYFW coffee shop, cosabella NYC

Mel’s go-to coffee spot is http://happybonesnyc.com/ located right by Cosabella’s NYC flagship storefront.

3. Power bars, a meal on the run

wowbab, wow!bab, baobab bar

Featured by Vogue as one of the top four superfoods for Fashion Week (read their article here) wow!bab was our favorite of the bunch. 100% vegan, it features ingredients such as amaranth (similar to grains like oat and wheat, but packed with protein – a whopping 28.1 grams per cup!), quinoa, and the main ingredient: baobab (yes, from the tree).  Baobab fruit contains 10 times more vitamin C than an orange, a higher vitamin B1, B2, B3 and B6 content, plenty of vitamin A, iron and potassium and twice as much calcium as milk. And did we mention it has chocolate too? Like we needed another reason to be hooked!

4. Extra phone charger (duh)Chanel Portable Compact Mirror Charger Power Bank, NYFW essential

But this is NYFW here, and you can’t have just any old charger. We are loving this Channel Portable Compact. It’s a charger, power bank, and mirror! It’s offered in both black and white, and works for both iPhones and Androids. Gotta have it? You can snag it here.

5. A good cameraNikon D3300, NYFW essential

Sometimes camera phones just don’t cut it. The Nikon D3300 comes widely recommended as a great starter DSLR. Lightweight and smaller than its predecessor, this is perfect to flit from show to show.

6. A killer squad

NYFW, New York Fashion Week, NYFW essentials, NYFW survival kit NYFW, New York Fashion Week, NYFW essentials, NYFW survival kit

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