Nontraditional resolutions to try in 2019

Looking for a better year?

Try a different new years resolution

Every year, as the clock ticks down to midnight, millions around the world silently promise themselves to make a change this upcoming year: get fit, read more, build a savings, stop eating junk food.

Instead of choosing a resolution we’ve tried before, this year we’re going to give it a shot at a more nontraditional one that will improve our 2019.

Volunteer more

One of the best feelings in the world comes from helping others. Whether it’s holding a door open for someone who’s got their hands full, paying for a random person’s coffee or spending your Saturday cooking at a shelter, there’s plenty of volunteer opportunities out there.

Focus on the positive

You know that saying, think positive, be positive? Let’s give it a try this year. Not only does negativity hamper your day, but it can harm your health! Spend some extra time this year being mindful. Cut your complaints and keep a running tabs of all the things you have to be grateful this year.

Learn to say no

Sometimes it’s okay to be a little selfish, especially when it comes to your health. Don’t spread yourself thin this year and be sure to carve out some more “me time” to do more of the things you love.

Treat yourself

On that note, self-care is important to everyone. We love treating ourselves from time to time. Taking bubble baths, wearing our favorite cozy pajamas, splurging on a quality bra; there’s a bunch of ways we like to show ourselves self-care here.

Go on vacation!

Chances are, you have some extra PTO stacked up. Taking a break is super important to your mental (and physical!) health. Use up those vacation days this year, whether it’s taking a trip across seas or exploring your own city.

Set a goal each month

Does choosing a goal for the year seem intimidating? Why not break it down into 12 different goals for each month? You could choose smaller obstacles, like reading a new book or learning to knit that can be tackled in just one month versus the whole year. This way you can look back and see all the things you’ve accomplished!