Mix & Match for the holidays

Match your sleepwear with your BFF, mom or sister

Matching pajamas makes the best gift

Whether your style is more modern or classic, we certainly have the pajamas for you. And if you and your BFF (or your mom, sister or even cousin) have different style tastes, why not coordinate your looks instead with choosing a similar pajama?

We’ve linked up our favorite picks in 3 different Christmas-style categories below.

For the millennial:

Chances are, this millennial loves blush. There’s a reason the color became dubbed “millennial pink”. This shade is flattering on almost every skin tone, but what we love about pink is how unexpected it is than regular holiday PJs.

Good news for you, we have a wide selection right now in this pretty pink.

1. Bella Printed Short Sleeve Boxer Set  2. Bella Bridal Robe  3. Holiday Tee’s Snowflake PJ Set  4. Bella Bridal Long Sleeve Pajama Set  5. Bella Long Sleeve Pajama Set  6. Savona Long Sleeve Pajama Set  7. Bella Printed Sleep Romper  8. Palazzo Camisole & Short

For the modern woman:

Maybe you’re feeling like having a more modern holiday this year. Our blue PJs are a really popular choice that we can barely keep in stock. This color looks great paired with light grey, as well. We can already picture the Christmas card.

1. Bella Long Sleeve Pajama Set  2. Sweet Dreams Sleep Romper  3. Bella Long Sleeve Set  4. Moonlight Long Sleeve Top  5. Bella Short Sleeve Pajama Set  6. Bella Sleep Shirt  7. Moonlight Jogger  8. Bella Printed Long Sleeve Set  9. Hustle Slip

For the classic Christmas:

You can never go wrong with the traditional route of red. There’s something about red pajamas that just shouts “I’m ready to open my gifts”! We love our latest addition to the red pajama collection, the plaid Ski Trip set. It’s a fun twist on plaid pajamas with a tailored fit and super soft cotton.

1. Bella Long Sleeve Set  2. Bella Sleep Romper  3. Demi Lounge Robe  4. Ski Trip PJ Set  5. Bella Long Sleeve Set  6. Holiday Tee’s Bear PJ Set