Meet the women of Body Positive Catwalk

Meet some of the participants from Body Positive Catwalk

Hear their amazing stories

Saturday, October 12, over 300 women and men in Piazza Duomo fought against prejudice!

This was the biggest and most exciting stage of the flash mob organized by the non-profit association BODY POSITIVE CATWALK established by curvy model Laura Brioschi, with over 500k followers online, and her partner Paolo Patria who together gave birth to the movement #BODYPOSITIVE, the largest and most important in Europe.

The noble aim is to unite men and women of different physical form, age, ethnicity, sexual orientation, eventual deficits and any characteristic to break down prejudices, fight bullying and remind us just through the characteristics of each of us that we are all, simply, human beings!

There were as many as 300 brave people from all over the world (Spain, France, Norway, Russia, England, Belgium, Germany, Kazakhstan, Khirzikistan) who chose to respond to Laura’s appeal and participate in the Flash Mob, showing themselves without veils and without ashamed of to convey positivity and confidence!


The first of these events took place on 2/25/18 after Laura was inspired by the images of the #therealcatwalk in New York, the city where everything is possible and from there challenged her fears and turned to do it in Europe during Milan Fashion Week!

30 women under the snow have started what today with over 300 presences has become the largest European #bodypositive movement.

In March 2019 another flash mob in Milan in which there were 150 from all over the world and from here followed the Summer Tour with stops in Paris, Berlin and Barcelona!

Now we plan the nine dates, which see both other cities in Italy, especially in the south, and Russia and perhaps … Los Angeles!

Some of the hyper-motivational stories that you cannot avoid to know from this BODY POSITIVE CATWALK for are:

Muriel, LGBT activist who gave great support
Gemma Le Noci, fitness model that supports this cause by parading for the second time
Fabiana Pastorino, body activist and teacher
Yamila Orozco, from Barcelona
Paola Torrente in the public
Fabio Incorvaia 7 times world champion of jet skis that together with Francesco who does not speak, does not walk, does not see … they represent the stupendous association JETSKI therapy where Fabio in first person also brings up to 100 disabled children in a day to take a thrill ride on a jet ski!
Benedetta De Luca, that after 18 operations is still in a wheelchair, but this does not preclude her from being a champion of happiness and femininity. Lawyer who is fighting for the rights of the disabled and a fashionista with a big heart.
– Mother of Benedetta, Giovanna, who chooses to undress and show off with Nadia, 50 years old, beautiful and very elegant taken from the energy of the event!
Only after we discover that she will be 70 in January, she is semi-blind and a pathology of the skin of the neck that affects only 26 people in Italy (she also removed the scarf, because “she felt FREE”)
Anna Maisetti and Pernille Henriksen to show their @stilecompresso LINFEDEMA after cancer
Francesca Ferraro and Max Tommasini radiant in their smile, the down syndrome will not prevent them from being successful models!
Giulia Gambini who lives with the trigeminal nerve disease in what is also called suicide disease.
Noemi Vergante beautiful girl without a hand for polio.
Greta Varia, born with a malformation in the legs, does not exceed 1.30 in height, but has energy to sell!
Julia, from Spain, energetic actress like the sun with Alopecia
Roberta Arcuri whose dancer’s body is 70% covered by moles for what is called “giant congenital melanocytic nevus”
Mariam Barry with a deformed face due to a tumor
Mariangela de Lucia operated on cancer shortly after the March BPC, today with a big scar on her neck and a lot of hope
Claudia Besana psychologist in a wheelchair from birth and singer of a rock band!
Evelyne Safaawua entrepreneur who fights against racial discrimination
Gaetano Tricarico queen of makeup that proudly paraded in make-up
– Many girls who have lost so much weight, from 20 to 70 kilos like Giulia Pozzi and who now come to terms with a new body
– Girls who are fighting or have won against bulimia and anorexia like Francesca Confalonieri and Alba
– Invisible disabilities like Sofia

Each has its own story to tell and from which to take an example!

To support the non-profit association in this event as sponsor, the shop brand Cosabella who dressed Laura and 30 other participants fully supporting the Body Positive and giving them a beautiful suit that made them feel even more beautiful and at ease in their own body, whatever it was!

Meet some of the participants:

Viviana Santoru
“It was my third Body Positive Catwalk and I will continue to participate because it is as if it were a “recharge” for me … it helps me to move forward in my acceptance and the prejudices of others!”
Buma Tomoeva
My name is Buma, I’m from Central Asia, Kyrgyzstan. I live and study in Milan. Body Positive Catwalk and Laura Brioschi inspires me from 2018. Why I decided to participate first because of my self-confidence, to change my opinion and of others, that each person is different, tall & small, curvy & thin, but even we are different we are the same, each of us beautiful by as own way. A lot of people don’t think like this, in my example: in my country, if you are tall, 90/60/90 you are perfect, but if you don’t you can not be a model or inspire someone because they till now believe in this standard sizes.
Another thing, our mentality is different from here, all people judge you (because a lot of women in my country are housewives, men forbids to work) when they see someone only in costume or underwear, they think bad. So I want to show that each woman can do what they want, can have freedom and hobbies, of course, can work and have own interests and be independent of men.
Another thing why I participate to support Laura because there were almost 200 persons with different stories, with disabilities and gender equalities. I wanted that this event will see more people in the world and it can help a lot.
Body Positive helped me to decide to become a Curvy Asian Model, and since from my 1st catwalk.
Giulia Zanetti
To me, Body Positivity means accepting my body with all its curves, rolls, and stretch marks. It means seeing my physical self as worthy: worthy of love, of existing, of being valued as much as the next body. It is self-love in the face of narrow beauty ideals. Everyone deserves the opportunity to feel happy in their skin.
Evelyn Safaawua
My name is Evelyne Sarah Afaawua, 31 years old, afroitalian, precisely, italoghanian, influencer, curvy model and entrepreneur/businesswoman. I was born in France, but I grew up in Italy. Six years ago, I stopped relaxing my afro hair and bleaching my dark skin, accepting my natural beauty.
I grew up with very low self-esteem and confidence, due to lack of representation. I, always, felt to be the odd one, so I preferred to be invisible. But that wasn’t life. At 20 I realized that being black and Italian, couldn’t cause any harm.I finally found my self-confidence, i found myself and i accepted my natural beauty.
Being part of the Bodypositive catwalk is something that I waited for my whole life. Finally representing me and all afroitalian natural girls, being a role model, giving an opportunity to a new generation.
Beatrice Lari
The thing that inspired me to take apart at the Body Positive Catwalk was the love for myself. I just needed to show how I feel free, strong and beautiful in my body no matter what!
Sofie Fisicaro
I decide to take part in this event because I believe in it meaning. This two pics fully represent why I did this: The first one represents the occasion to meet new women and men that believe in your idea of self-confidence and want to disclose it to everyone else.
I have the opportunity to know these two girls and we star a very close friendship! We know each other and speak about what is very important to do, to make people start to know themselves and accept themselves, loving themselves.
The second picture represents my smile. My smile during this event wasn’t only a smile, it enclosed all my proudly, I was proud of myself for doing what I do because for the first time I start really to love my self, my body, my mind.