Meet Amanda Leon D.A.S.H Scholarship 2016 Winner

DESIGN & ARCHITECTURE SENIOR HIGH (D.A.S.H.) is a specialized high school that furthers design education for 14-18-year-old students in Miami, Florida. Cosabella honors the fashion program by hosting an annual design competition that awards the winning student a scholarship and the opportunity to have their creations produced and sold. Proceeds from your purchase of the beautiful winning garment are awarded to the student for university studies.

This year’s D.A.S.H scholarship winner is Amanda Leon, pictured below is her winning entry. The collection named ‘Amelie‘ will be available in mid-April as part of Cosabella’s Spring 2017 collection.

Meet the D.A.S.H Scholarship 2016 winner: Amanda Leon, designer of the Amelie collection

Amelie, D.A.S.H scholarship from Cosabella

1.      What was the inspiration behind your Amelie design?

My inspiration was Japan during the 1920’s era: Japanese cherry blossoms, posters hung in the city, and the daily attire worn by the everyday people were a huge influence.

Amelie, D.A.S.H scholarship from Cosabella2.      How did you select the name Amelie for your collection?

‘Amelie’ has been my nickname since taking my first french class, the name itself means “hardworking and striving”. The 1920’s was when women’s suffrage began and the feminist movement blossomed. So, not only was this a name I’ve been tagged with for years; it also represents hardworking women who strove to make a change during that era.

Amelie, D.A.S.H scholarship from Cosabella

4.      Who/what kind of person/personality do you envision wearing your design?

I envision a young woman between the age of 20-35 that has a keen eye for detail. I paid close attention to detail with each piece, and they’re all designed to make the woman feel beautiful. I envision these designs on a woman that isn’t afraid to wear these for herself and lounge around her home in these just to feel beautiful.

Amelie, D.A.S.H scholarship from Cosabella5.      How has winning this contest changed your goals/ dreams/ life/ aspirations?

Winning this contest has definitely made a huge impact on the way I view my skill and my future. Upon winning the contest, I felt more assured of myself and I began to have hope in my work and my career.

Amelie, D.A.S.H scholarship from Cosabella

6.      Where do you see yourself in the future?

I see myself in New York, working in any aspect of the fashion industry because it’s what I love to do. I don’t only love the design process, but I also love the fast pace, attitude, and working environment of this industry. I couldn’t imagine myself doing anything else.



— Guido Campello, Cosabella CEO DESIGN & Creative Director, D.A.S.H. ‘99 alumnus.