Stylist Must Have: Soire Confidence

A Celebrity Stylist’s Lingerie Essential

The Perfect Collection for Anyone

We’re excited to have a guest post from one of our favorite celebrity stylists, Cat Wright. She is a recent avid lover of our latest collection, Soire Confidence, for her clients. The wide range of skin tone shades and lingerie styles makes this group perfect for styling her diverse clientele.

“Cosabella has saved the day, per usual!”

I’ve spent most of my career as a stylist working in live television or dressing clients for a red carpet and, even though you don’t see them, the right underpinnings are almost as important as the final look. Nothing kills a red carpet vibe like a nip slip or visible panty line that was not part of the plan!

Like any woman, my clients also want to feel sexy in what they wear under their clothes and it can be a struggle to find something that feels cute while still getting the job done. But Cosabella has saved the day, per usual!

high rise thong mesh Soire Confidence skin tone nudes

Why I Love Soire Confidence (and my clients do too!)

Cosabella’s new Sexy Soire Confidence Collection is literally the best thing that has happened to my styling kit since I bought my first safety pins and box of Topstick. I work with women of all shapes, ethnicity, and sizes and the shade range on this new collection is truly a game-changer.

There is nothing worse than getting a client ready and learning that the undies that you thought were nude are actually a skin tone too light. Believe it or not, something that subtle really makes a difference under some dresses and pants. Not to mention, something like that can make a client feel insecure about the overall look. My “nude” is not your “nude” which is not her “nude,” so no-show panties haven’t necessarily worked for everyone, until now.

high rise thong mesh Soire Confidence skin tone nudes

There are seven different shades and lots of different styles (my clients tend to go for the g-string cut for panties but a lot of women feel more comfortable in a fuller thong) and that really covers a lot of bases. It has been so nice showing up to get a client dressed and having all of these options on-hand, knowing something will be the perfect shade and fit for her. But the most important thing of all is that she feels beautiful, sexy and confident when she walks out the door… which I’ve found that women – including myself – always do in Cosabella.

high rise thong mesh Soire Confidence skin tone nudes

Shop her favorites

low rise thong high rise thong sheer mesh soire confidence

Italian Thong

Complete with a mid rise fit, this thong has minimal rear coverage and smooth lines for a seamless look. It’s incredibly comfortable to wear all day long and the skin tone range allows you to wear this under almost anything.

Classic Thong

This classic high rise thong is sheer and lightweight, like the rest of the collection. The high rise fit is unique and flattering to many body shapes.


A low rise thong, this g-string underwear is so comfortable you may even forget you’re wearing it. Thin straps all around provide for discreet coverage without digging into your sides.

About Cat Wright

Wardrobe Stylist, Fashion Journalist, and Blogger. Lover of cut-offs, baggy t-shirts, and 6 inch pumps. Favorite color is black. Will cry over UK basketball.