How to Care For Your Lingerie

Washing your Lingerie is a special task! With a little time and consideration you can extend the life of your lingerie.

We recommend that all Cosabella lingerie be hand washed and hung to dry.

Photo of cosabella bras hanging to dry

Hand washing is not as tedious as it sounds.

To start, fill sink with lukewarm water and gentle fabric soap, specially formulated for lingerie, adding in only similarly colored lingerie.

Let lingerie soak for a few minutes and gently work suds through the material and rinse.

Do not wring out excess water by twisting, rather gently squeeze.

Do not put lingerie in the dryer as heat breaks down the delicate fabric and elastics.

Photo of cosabella bras drying on a clothesline


  • Hook bra closures together to avoid snags
  • Never use hot water as it can break down fabrics and elastic
  • Separate light and dark colors
  • Do not put lingerie in a washing machine
  • Never put lingerie in the dryer
  • Store bras in a drawer cup to cup
  • Pack bras cup to cup and place socks inside cups to keep the shape, then place in ziplocs for protection while traveling.
  • Bras only need to be washed every other wearing
  • If you must wash lingerie in the washer, place bras in special lingerie bag, use delicate soap and delicate cycle

Follow the above instructions and your Cosabella lingerie will last for years to come.

Cosabella thongs hanging to dry