Holiday/Resort RTW Trend Guide

Cosabella continues its journey around the globe by ending the year with an imaginary cruise around Asia. This ethereal boat ride starts at dusk with the calm and foggy waters of the Yangzi Jiang. The journey down the river is the inspiration to Cocoon’s colors of Dusty Rose and Silver with the feeling of warmth and luxury along the long trip. Throughout the boat’s journey Tatiana’s modern geometric patterned loungewear group is born. The print mimics the fiery purple, red and yellow sunsets glistening off the water.


The next stop is the markets of Shanghai, picking up vintage porcelain dishes giving influence to the beautiful floral printed groups Tilly and Hortensia. Offered in Fall 2011 the loungewear group, Hortensia, returns in a black and ivory color way. Tilly, another loungewear group is inspired by the intricate porcelain designs showing a rose garden blooming.


The mystical journey then travels west to India where Vanna and Sapna are born. The sultry Vanna takes inspiration from the jungles and royal palaces of India in its fabrication and print. Exotic in its construction with high luster trim and flocking animal print gives a sensual and sexual appeal for these accent pieces. Cosabella continues the mystical journey with the exotic and wild animal print of Sapna. This collection is printed with rich colors of chocolate, red and brown to add a flirty and sophisticated ready to wear group for Holiday 2011.


Trend on for H/R 2011:


The Art Print

Muted Coral


Peek-A-Boo Lace


So Sheer


Soft Silver

The Wallpaper Print


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