Hilary Duff shopping for Cosabella at Neimans Beverly Hills


All this buzz about Hilary Duff shoe shopping at Neimans Marcus Beverly Hills this past Saturday afternoon and the paparazzi missed Mrs. Duff picking up three bras from Cosabella’s new Thea grouping.


Hilary got two Thea soft bras; one in bright white and one in hot pink. The Thea soft bra is an innovative new bra which gives the support and fit of an underwire with out actually having an underwire.


She also picked up the new Thea strapless bandeau bra, Cosabella’s must have for the summer.



Thea Soft Bra

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Thea Strapless Bandeau Bra

Shop it!


 Thea is available now in bright white, black, hot pink and champagne.


For the summer the grouping will be available in bridal chambray blue.



Fall will be a sexy poinsettia red.  





Check out the pics below from http://www.imnotobsessed.com





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