Evolution: The LBD of lingerie

Let’s take a minute to talk about the iconic Little Black Dress.

Even if you’re only remotely fashion conscious, you’ve heard the old adage ‘every woman needs a little black dress’. Style columns, fashion magazines, couture designers – and our own mothers – have been passing down this wisdom for decades (centuries even). A Little Black Dress (commonly referred to as an LBD) is a woman’s ace in the hole, her hail mary, and her secret weapon. When all other wardrobe options fail….her LBD will be there to swoop in and save the day.

Cosabella. Evolution, Italian Microfiber, everyday lingerie
Front Closure Bralette; Lowrider Bikini

So you’ve got your Little Black Dress handy but what about your lingerie? Do you have a go-to, never-fail, trusty Little Black Bra and Panty?

Just as important as your outerwear, every woman needs timeless – high quality – lingerie that can paired underneath any ensemble time and time again.  Just as our LBD takes us from job interviews, to date nights, parties, and friend’s weddings, our lingerie should be just as versatile.

If you don’t have your go-to yet, Cosabella has the solution with Evolution, the newest collection to the Cosabella line up. Debuting as the new everyday basics collection, Evolution is designed in modern silhouettes and crafted in smooth Italian microfiber. The collection molds wonderfully to each woman’s distinct figure. The material is soft, smooth, and flexible, but has just the right amount of firmness to support your natural shape (versus other bras that force your body to accommodate it).

With nine pieces in the collection, two classic color options (black and nude rose), and available in a wider range of strap and cup sizes, this collection is Cosabella’s most versatile yet. The pieces include:

  • Strapless Marni a convertible bra with removable straps (not pictured)
  • Bralette
  • Front Closure Bralette
  • Demi
  • Camisole
  • Chemise
  • Lowrider Thong
  • Lowrider Bikini
  • Boybrief

Click here to see the full Evolution collection and find your new go-to lingerie set.

Cosabella, Evolution, everyday lingerie, Italian microfiber
Top: Demi in Black; Bottom: Lowrider Thong
Cosabella, Evolution, everyday lingerie, Italian microfiber
Top: Demi in Black; Bottom: Boybrief in Black
Cosabella, Evolution, everyday lingerie, Italian microfiber
Top: Bralette in Nude Rose; Bottom: Lowrider Thong in Nude Rose


Cosabella, Evolution, Italian Microfiber
Top: Camisole; Bottom: Boybrief
Cosabella, Evolution, everyday lingerie, Italian microfiber
Chemise in Black