Erin Fetherston x Cosabella Lookbook

The lookbook images for Cosabella’s Spring 2014 Bridal collaboration with Erin Fetherston
 Available Spring 2014.
Photography by Shae Detar

Like the poignant feeling of gliding over still waters, the gentle touch of her fingertips float across each antique ivory key. Her hands have a remarkable stillness while playing as the air is filled with a sense of awe brought on by the blissful sound of classical piano. Each note depicts the story of her life, a story of love, inspiring the lighthearted melody of her music.

Excitement takes over as she leans over the piano with reverence, followed by an inherent calm as the final chord subsides to silence. The sweet sound of piano on a warm summer’s day sets the tone for an afternoon of carefree relaxation as her longtime friend enjoys the spoils of her favorite romance novel.

These last few minutes before her nuptials she is overcome with the joy of being forever with her love, reminiscent of the hours spent imagining every detail of this day. This is her happily ever after…



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