Don’t believe these bra myths

bra myth

Top 6 bra myths, busted

We’re here to set the bra record straight, Bellas

Myths are hard to decipher; is the Lochness Monster real? Is it true lightning doesn’t strike the same place twice? Can sharks really smell blood from a mile away?

While we don’t know much about science (but the answers are no, no and no), we’re here to clear the air on some rumors going around about bras. Listen up, ladies.

bra myth

Most popular bra myths, debunked

Bra Myth 1. You have only 1 bra size

A lot of women assume that just because you fit into that size in your favorite bra, that’s your size, when that isn’t the case. Naturally, your breasts change over time, i.e. lifestyle situation such as pregnancy, weight loss, weight gain, can all affect your bra size.

However, different bras fit differently. You may be a tighter band with a bigger cup in one style, or a looser band with fitted cups in another. The only way to really know your size is to measure yourself properly and try on various sizes to find the best fit.

Bra Myth 2. A white bra won’t show underneath clothes

It’s a common misconception that a white bra will hide under any outfit. But, as we’ve learned by experimenting, white bras do have a tendency to show, especially when worn with white clothing. And unless showing off your lingerie is the look you’re going for, then it can be a little distracting.

Your bra should match your skin tone if you want it to be truly undetectable.

Bra Myth 3. Wearing one bra or one type of bra for life is the way to go

Life’s too short to wear the same bra every day! Switching up your lingerie wardrobe is the easiest way to spice up your look. We love alternating between an underwire bra to a bralette for different feels of support and style.

bra myth

Bra Myth 4. There’s only 1 way to put on a bra

Are you putting on your bra the wrong way? There’s a good chance you might be, but we’ve got you covered.

Bra Myth 5. Tossing your bra in the washing machine is OK

Stop right there! Don’t toss your delicate, Italian-made lingerie into the wash. These intricate pieces deserve to be washed on their own, by hand. Taking care of your lingerie promises they’ll last longer and look great every time you slip them on.

bra myth

Bra Myth 6. In-store fittings are the best way to find your measurement

Don’t fret! You don’t need to go to a store to find out your bra measurement. Actually, you can easily measure yourself at home now and all you need is a soft measuring tape and some tips from our experts.

Now, get to shopping!