2016 Collection is titled “Canyon Child”

CSBLA Spring 2016 Collection is titled “Canyon Child” inspired by the Southwest’s charm and Mother Nature’s beauty. Embark on a road trip across the Southwest feeling free and ready to discover the country with prints and silhouettes inspired by the 70’s and a color pallet reminiscent of the lands earthy tones.

The sandstone lines and bold color of the Mountain Valley are beautifully translated into the Niara collection. The Niara groupings fine delicate multicolor lines combine to create a motif reminiscent of the Mountain Valley.

Dakota captures the deep red of the rocks of Mountain Valley. A Cotton collections that is, breathable and airy keeping you cool as a fresh spring breeze.

The shades of the blue of sky are captured in Remington and the crisp air inspires the sharp clean lines. When the sun light shines onto Remington the shades of blue come alive, highlighting the unique blue tones that fades from dark to light.

The neutral tones of the earth and sky are present in Winona’s two color ways (oatmeal and light denim). The soft tones of the earth blend in seamlessly with the satin panels that accentuate the side silhouette. The contrast satin piping draws inspiration from the dark soil of the earth. The light blue denim offers a hint of white reminiscent of the clouds in blue the sky.

The 70’s laid back vibe is captured in Rimini Tie Dye available in two colorways, Denim Blue and Heather Grey. The Rimini Tie Dye and Rimini Ombre’s loose flowing tops, maxi dresses and unique dyes embody the 70’s freedom and creative culture.

Aylen is inspired by vintage sportswear and updated with a modern look and feel with a relaxed fit and comfortable silhouette.

The CSBLA Spring 2016 is a vintage inspired collection for the modern times.

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