Cosabella’s Valentine’s Day menu bound to rev your lover’s engine


Valentine’s Day is just around the corner, and while most women are used to being dined and wined, it is also a good opportunity to step outside the chocolate box and take charge of the otherwise monotonous Valentine’s Day routine. We’re not saying that a fancy button-popping dinner is a bad idea, we’re just saying you can make the most of your time together and start seducing your partner starting from the entrée. We have put together, just for our Cosabella fans, a Valentine’s Day menu filled with sexy dishes bound to rev your lover’s engine. We have to warn you though… these dishes are filled with aphrodisiac powers, so you might not be able to make it through desert!


 Red wine


Aphrodisiac Powers:

Red wine: Wine helps us unwind and stimulate our senses. It also raises testosterone levels in women which will lead in an increase in libido. But be careful! One too many glasses of wine will replace those effects with drowsiness.



Arugula salad with toasted pine nuts and fresh grapefruit in a honey based dressing.


Aphrodisiac Powers:

Arugula: Arugula has been documented as an aphrodisiac ever since the Ancient Roman and Egyptian times.

Pine nuts: Pine nuts contain zinc which is the mineral necessary to maintain male potency. Pine nuts have been used as far back as the medieval times to stimulate the libido.

Honey: In Egyptian times honey was used as a medicine to cure for sterility and impotence. Newly wed couples on their “honeymoon” were given honey in order to help them enjoy their first sexual experiences.


Main Course:

Fillet mignon with mustard based sauce and a side of asparagus.


Aphrodisiac Powers:

Mustard: Mustard has been known to stimulate the sexual glands and enhance desire.

Asparagus: Asparagus plays an important role in stimulating blood flow to the sex organs resulting in better sexual arousal and performance.



Chocolate Almond cake


Aphrodisiac Powers:

Chocolate: The Aztecs were the first to recognize the cocoa bean for its’ aphrodisiac qualities. When you eat chocolate a stimulant is released similar to the one that is released when people fall in love, while another chemical in chocolate is involved in sexual arousal.

Almonds: Almonds have been a symbol of fertility whose scent has been said to stimulate passion in a woman.


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