Cosabella Mare 2012 inspired by travels to the northern coast of Italy

Cosabella’s 2012 Mare collection was inspired by the Cosabella woman’s travels to the northern coast of Italy, whose magnificent coastlines are painted with the multi-hued structures that build the town, where colorful sailboats sway above a deep blue ocean and shores are energized by varicolored lounge chairs and umbrellas.

 As the Cosabella woman returns to her hometown of Marina Romea, she brings with her the zest and energy of her past journey. The northern Italian coast takes form in a striking and sophisticated prints in shades of gold, red, copper and violet in Sol and Tuxedo, complimented by the refined and exotic prints of Gemma and Imani. The contrast in culture from that of her own is interpreted by Sapna, a chic animal print with zebra stripes and cheetah spots in earthy shades of brown, tan and copper. Her senses and thoughts personified in the fluttering Farfalla, the richly abstract Tatiana and the aboriginal Arbory prints. Deep hues of Cherry blossom pink, burnt orange, sea foam blue and jeweled purples flash in her mind.

All the while she muses about the past under the Italian sun, inspired and living in all that she has seen, she is truly living La Dolce Vita.







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