Cosabella is thrilled to support STRENGTHAN!

Support a cause we hold close to our hearts! Participate in an auction for five $500 gift cards from Cosabella with all proceeds going towards Strengthan, a foundation supporting children with MSD (Multiple Sulfatase Deficiency) – a rare, fatal genetic disease with no existing cure.

Help children like Ethan, son one of our long time employees and friend, Holden Duchon, to have a better quality of life.

MSD is an inherited genetic disease that inhibits the body’s natural ability to dispose of cellular waste. There are less than 100 cases on this ultra rare disease known worldwide. The SUM1F gene, also known as the master gene, is responsible for encoding a protein called sulfatase modifying factor 1 and MSD patients have no SUMF1 gene or have problems with it.

Strengthan was founded to bring awareness to this debilitating disease in the hopes of being able to raise funding that will progress research and treatment options for MSD patients like Ethan. Let’s move closer toward finding a cure – give back today!

The auction dates will be held from September 24 – September 28, 2020. Click here to enter for a chance to win!

With your generous donation, you can help the quality of life and chance of survival for all children suffering from this disease. LEARN MORE about Ethan’s difficult journey with MSD and how you can fun research, spread awareness and help find a cure at