Bralette vs Underwire Bra (& what’s Curvy?)

What is a bralette, anyway?

Difference between an underwire bra & a bralette.

A question we receive from time to time is one that always surprises us: What is a bralette? The reason we’re shocked, is because we can’t believe you haven’t been introduced to the world of wirefree bras sooner!

In our opinion, bralettes are an essential in any woman’s wardrobe. And thanks to our extensive sizing range, it’s easier than ever to find a beautiful, Italian-made bralette in your size.

We love our bralettes for sleeping, lounging or even running errands in our athleisure. Without any wires, they’re so comfortable to wear all day long with a little light support and soft fabrics to keep you cozy.

However, we can’t give up our underwires quite yet. These classic bras are a staple for every day. The cups offer us shape while the wire gives us lift and support.

Underwire Bras – a bra that has a wire:

  • built-in underwire for medium to heavy support
  • available in specific bra and cup sizes
  • everyday wear for lift & shaping
  • perfect fit under tighter tops
  • must be re-fit when your size, shape or body changes
  • can be front or back closure

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Bralettes – a bra without an underwire, aka a soft bra or wireless bra:

  • wire-free for light support
  • flexible fit for superior comfort
  • comes in more general sizes
  • can fit throughout some body changes
  • can be front or back closure or pull-on style
  • works as a post-surgery option due to its fit, comfort and lack of wires

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The top selling Never Say Never Sweetie bralette was introduced in 2008 and quickly became the bra in everyone’s lingerie drawers.

Our Never Say Never Sweetie bralette introduced light support, superior comfort, and sexy lace, into the lingerie world. The allover semi sheer lace is stunningly beautiful and loved by thousands, becoming one of our top selling products of all time.

In 2015, we introduced the Extended Sweetie bralette, available in sizes 38DD – 40DD. Based on our Sweetie bralette, the Extended version offers the addition of Powermesh lining and wider shoulder straps for more support. Shop our Extended Sweetie bralette now.

More recently, we introduced the Curvy Collection, designed specifically for women with smaller rib cages and bigger cups. Still designed in all Never Say Never lace, the Curvy Sweetie bralette has the addition of Powermesh lining for added support and wider straps with elastic underneath the lace. It also was designed with more fabric in the cups to accommodate larger sizes. Shop the Curvy Sweetie now.