Bra Fit 101: Bra Straps Slip

“Why do my bra straps keep slipping?”

We’re here to help

When it comes to bra shopping, we know how hard it can be finding the right one. Everyone’s breast shape and size are a little different so it’s important to pick a bra that best suits you.

However, you might come across a few tricky questions when shopping for a new bra. Such as,

“Why do my bra straps keep slipping off my shoulders?”

Welcome to Bra Fit 101. Our bra fit specialists are here to help you find out why your bra straps slip.

bra fit 101 tips and tricks for a new bra

Bra straps slip: Solutions for Falling Bra Shoulder Straps

We know that annoying feeling: the slow slipping of your bra straps for the hundredth time. You find yourself constantly pulling and readjusting your bra straps but nothing will keep them up and in place.

There could be a few reasons that your bra straps won’t stay in place. Let’s go through the list together.

1.Have you tried adjusting them?

bra straps slip

Most bra straps are adjustable now, with easy slide-able tabs on the back to create a custom fit. Don’t worry about making both bra straps the same length; most women have one breast larger than the other, which could require a little extra length in the bra strap.

2. Have you stuck your bra in the dryer?

bra straps slip. hang dry bras. do not put bras in dryer

We always recommend hang drying or laying flat to dry all your lingerie to keep it in tip-top shape. If you’re guilty of throwing your bra in the dryer, it’s functionality may have been affected by the hot air. The elastic in the straps is mostly like worn down from all that heat and you will need to replace your bra completely.

3. How old is your bra?

when to replace your bra. bra straps slip

Did you know that your breast size and shape naturally changes about every 6 months? This could be due to pregnancy, weight loss or gain, breastfeeding, exercise or natural aging. It’s only human! Chances are, your bra is old and needs to be replaced.

You might also be wearing the wrong bra size, which is why your bra straps won’t stop slipping off. Check your bra size again to make sure that you are purchasing the right fit.

4. Are your shoulders more narrow or set together?

bra straps slip because of narrow shoulders

There could be a chance that you have narrow shoulders and some bra straps are, sadly, not designed perfectly for your unique shape. Most bras are fashioned with wide set shoulder straps to accommodate a variety of women’s bodies. Petite women or women with sloped shoulders will benefit from bras that have close-set shoulder straps (that are adjustable, too!).

We love racerback style bras or convertible bras that allow shoulder straps to be placed criss-cross in the back. Say goodbye to shoulder slippage!

shoulder straps bother you get a racerback bralette

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We hope these tips and tricks will help you solve your bra fit issues so you can find the bra of your dreams. Stay tuned for more.