Best Cotton Pajamas to Keep You Cool at Night

Although a good night’s sleep is a critical aspect of staying in good health, one in three adults does not get quality sleep. There are many factors contributing to this, but a lack of comfortable sleepwear is a main issue. When you wear low-quality PJs, you won’t be able to get comfortable enough for a peaceful slumber. That’s why it’s important that you get breathable and stylish cotton pajamas to add to your bedtime routine.

Read on to explore Cosabella’s cotton pajama sets and singles for every occasion.

Bella Sets

Bella Pajamas are one of Cosabella’s most popular styles. As a result, we offer a diverse range of products from short-sleeved tops to long pants.

Bella Pajamas feature button-up styles with an elegant collar and front pocket detail. This collar is framed with a piping detail to match those on the shirt cuffs, breast pocket, and matching bottoms.

You can get Bella Pajamas in a wide range of lengths and colors. From sky-blue short sleeve/boxer sets to sleek black long-sleeved/long-pants ones, we have styles to fit specific tastes and needs. Bella Pajamas range from petite to curvy to extended sizing.

Woman wearing Bella Pajamas in pima cotton with front button closure and pocket detail.

Made from the finest Peruvian Pima Cotton, these PJs are extremely soft and durable. Their texture perfectly matches their flat satin piping due to the tonal and contrast shades that they boast.

Bella pajama bottoms come with a soft elastic waist to ensure a snug and beautiful fit. The classic and original shape of Bella options frame your figure in the best possible way and provide comfort while keeping you cool.

Bella Printed

Bella printed PJs are one of the most effortlessly adorable options that we offer. These pajamas come in the classic Bella style but feature Pima cotton that has unique and eye-catching patterns printed all-over.

You can get these cotton pajamas in both long and short styles. This allows you to choose an option that will best keep you cool on summer nights.

One of our most popular options is the Mare Stripe Bella set, which features blue and white stripes. This classic sailor look is complemented by gold piping.

Woman wearing printed Bella Pajamas  made of Pima cotton.

Mandorla Snake Bella Printed Pajamas are another perfect choice. Available in the same combinations of sleeve and pant lengths, one is able to choose according to preference and still wear a fun print.

Woman wearing printed cotton Pajamas with front button closure, collar and sating piping.

Pant and Robe Sets

If you’re interested in a full Bella set that includes a robe, you will love our Bella Curvy Racerback Cami, Pant And Robe Set, made for curvy sizing. In addition to full-body Bella PJs, you’ll receive a robe to put on top of your sleepwear. This is perfect for those who want the option to bundle up.

Cotton pajamas for curvy sizing with robe, cami and pant.

Our robe set comes in a sleek black hue that’s perfect for all occasions. For contrast, ivory piping is included within the design. This pop of color brings out the best in your outfit. It showcases your natural shape by framing the robe.

Single Pieces

If you already have sleepwear that you love, there’s no requirement that you purchase both a Bella top and bottom.

You can purchase Bella Boxers in a plethora of colors with the signature piping detail. All of these options are beautifully crafted and will look great with a matching bra or camisole.

Woman wearing cotton pajama shorts from the Bella Collection.

Similarly, you can get Bella Pajama Tops and pair them with briefs, bikinis, or other boxers. These tops come in a wide variety of colors as well. In fact, many customers like to purchase their top and bottom separately so they can mix and match multiple classic hues.

Woman wearing Bella Pajama top.


Molly sleepwear is characterized by its high-end Italian craftsmanship and our signature Talco fabric. Unlike Bella alternatives, Molly sleepwear does not feature buttons that may irritate some women while sleeping. Instead, its loose and form-framing style is made with soft and stretchy jersey rib knit.

These sleepwear options are 97% modal and 3% elastane. This gives them the perfect blend of comfort and sheer beauty. If you want to add some stylish flair to your everyday loungewear, any Molly Loungewear style is the answer.

Terrific Tops

Molly styles are beloved for their stylish details. Our Shirred Tank is a separate that’s been designed to be as comfortable as possible. Whether you want to use it as loungewear or sleepwear, you’re sure to feel stylish and relaxed with the side shirring detail and comfortable fit.

This scoop-neck camisole highlights your curves while maintaining a sophisticated air of modesty. You also can purchase this top in any size between XS-XL so that it frames your body perfectly.

Cosabella Molly Shirred Tank from loungewear collection.

Choose between many color options meaning that there’s something perfect for your specific style choices.

If you want something to keep you warm and comfortable, you can purchase a Molly Double V Long Sleeve Top. This option comes in all of the same hues as the shirred tank does and features the same form-fitting style.

Beautiful Bottoms

You can purchase most sleepwear in separates, so you’ll likely purchase the top independently from the bottoms. This is especially exciting since you can create any pairing that you want.

If you want boxers with long sleeves, this is a completely feasible option. The same applies to women who prefer black pants paired with their blue-green tops as to not match too much.

Choose between Molly Shorts or Drawstring Pants. Both options are extremely comfortable loungewear choices, so you’re sure to feel confident and cozy.

Woman wearing Molly Shorts, with ribbed fabric and elastic waistband.

Florida Lounge

If you want summer PJs that make you feel as though you’re relaxing on a beach, Florida Lounge styles are the perfect choice for you.

These styles offer relaxed fits in the same Peruvian Pima cotton of the Bella Pajamas. They also are similar to Bella in that they have piping around the collar and hem. This creates contrast and adds some unique flair to your favorite loungewear.

With a comfortable elastic waistband, you’re sure to experience maximum comfort. Combines with the confidence that the classic luminous sheen cotton material offers, these pajama options are perfect for sophisticated women on every occasion.

Unlike other available options, Florida Lounge PJs are made with 100% cotton. No other materials are added. If you’re looking for pure, soft fabric, this is the correct choice to fit your needs.

Print Options

Florida Lounge Printed Tank and Boxer starts as a mid-hue blue at the top of each separate. It fades vertically into white, which gives off the feel of a summertime beach. However, there are other print options that you might enjoy as well.

Woman wearing printed Florida Lounge Set.

If you want to take a walk on the wild side, leopard print may be the right choice. Our blue and white leopard print is both trendy and fashionable. After all, animal print is a classic that never goes out of style.

Woman wearing leopard print Florida Lounge set.

Maternity PJs

Pregnancy doesn’t mean that you can’t look stylish. It also means that comfort is more important than ever before.

That’s why we offer a special Florida Lounge Maternity Tank and Pant set. You can get this set in the same print options that you can find for non-maternity loungewear. We also offer a white option for those who want to get all of the style’s comforts with no frills.

Woman wearing Florida Lounge Maternity Set in white Pima cototn.

Invest in Comfortable Cotton Pajamas Today

Now that you know the best cotton pajamas for sophisticated and chic ladies, it’s time to begin shopping. Browse our full selection of sleepwear and loungewear. You’re sure to find the perfect set (or single piece) for every occasion.

All of our pieces are breathable and made from high-quality fabric so you don’t need to choose between comfort and style. We look forward to assisting you in remaining cool and cozy at night.