Artist Spotlight Meredith Wing

Since the age of five, Meredith has been creating whimsical portraits of fashionable ladies. Inspiration stems from a background in drawing, painting, photography, fashion design, architecture and interior design.

These varied artistic pursuits have informed her illustrations, known as “#SomeFlowerGirls,” in various ways. The results are dazzling images with vivid splashes of color, mood and texture.

Like many artists, Meredith is inspired by all things aesthetic. She finds beauty in the ephemeral. A delicate flower that will wilt tomorrow has a poetic presence in her multi media creations. Her work has been commissioned by couture houses, beverage companies, fashion magazines, Parisian publishers, and other luxury brands seeking to present their product with a #SomeFlowerGirl twist.

Follow Meredith and her work via Instagram: @moomooi