Artist Spotlight & Interview: Martina Pavlova

Cosabella’s artist spotlight for the month of November features Fashion Illustrator: Martina Pavlova. With a style that’s unapologetically girly, we love Martina’s artistic take on her Cosabella favorites and are very excited at the chance to interview this talented woman.


Martina Pavlova lives a life all about fashion and beauty. No wonder! After fashion design studies Martina has worked as a stylist and a beauty editor for several glossy magazines. Martina found her passion switching from the real fashion world into a fantasy one because “it’s more versatile and more fun”. Inspired by all things chic and beautiful, she has illustrated more than 20 books and worked with many renowned brands worldwide. Her clientele includes big names like L’Oréal Paris, Avon, Cosmopolitan, Marie Claire, and InStyle Magazine. Martina’s work has appeared in advertising, packaging, and many editorial projects around the world.


Where do you find inspiration in the everyday life?

Mostly from the world of fashion and beauty where I used to work for several years, then magazines, social media, movies… I’m also inspired by each new job I get, by client’s needs and requirements, which may be sometimes a bit challenging butI actually love that because it pushes me out of my comfort zone and makes me try harder, get better and be more creative.

Cosabella strappy bralettes
From left to right: Ceylon Criss-Cross Bralette, Bisou Bralette, Bisou X-Triangle BraletteHow would you describe your style?

Feminine and modern. Artsy and commercial at the same time. Elegant and pretty, vibrant and inspiring, hard to resist. Simply stylish!

Cosabella’s Dolce Cotton Cup Babydoll

Are you more into the new technologies or the old-fashioned sketchbook?

For quick, initial sketches I love using an just ordinary pencil, but I also use black ink, watercolors or colored pencils. Most of my work starts with traditional drawing, then I colorize it digitally, or the other way around. I like to experiment with different techniques, Sometimes even adding special adornments to turn it into a real piece of art. Because there is never enough sparkle in our lives!

Who is your favorite fashion icon?

There are several indeed, but the closest to my style and aesthetics is Blair Eadie and Olivia Palermo. Feminine and sophisticated, yet modern and playful.

Cosabella Paris Flock Push Up Bra and Thong
Cosabella’s Paris Flock Push Up Bra and Thong

What has been your greatest achievement as an artist?

Being able to do what I love, all day, every day.

Meet Martina!

Martina Pavlova
The artist herself! What a cutie!

To learn more, check out Martina Pavlova’s website at  and follow her on Instagram @martinaillustration