Are you making one of these 3 bra mistakes?

Don’t ruin your bra

Avoid these 3 common bra mistakes

You wear your bra every day. It lifts you up and gives you support, all day long. It’s the fundamental foundation for any outfit. And you can’t be caught without it.

You cherish each bra you have and treat it with love and care, because hey, that thing was a valuable investment.

But chances are, you’re probably damaging your bra without even knowing it.

bra mistakes

Don’t wash with regular detergent

Stop! Do you toss your delicate bras in the wash? You should know by now that hand-washing is the way to go for cleaning any lingerie.

But before you put your washing gloves on, make sure you’re using the right detergent.

Any bra’s fabric is pretty sensitive to harsh liquid detergent from that big tub dispenser. The next time you’re getting ready to wash your bras, pick up a sensitive detergent formulated specifically for handling delicate fabrics, such as lace. It’ll gently clean your lingerie without damaging it, thus making your pieces last longer!

bra mistakes

Put your bra on the right way

It’s a common misconception that there’s only one way to put on a bra. If you are like me, then you put on your bra in these steps:

  1. Loop bra bands around the waist, with hook-and-eye closure in front and link together
  2. Twist bra back around, lifting up on the back
  3. Put on one strap at a time and call it a day

Well, you will be shocked when you find out that we’ve been putting on our bras wrong all our lives.

Experts say in order to get maximum comfort and support from your bra, you have to help out your breasts a little.

Start by putting on the straps and wear your bra on the loosest hook (link the closure behind your back).

Gather each of your breasts to ensure they are lifted and in the center of the bra.

Make sure to tighten your bra straps every other month, as they tend to stretch out over use and time.

bra mistakes

Wear your bra on the correct hook

When shopping for a new bra, be sure that you’re trying it on with the loosest hook–not the tightest one. Since bra bands and straps loosen from wear, guaranteeing the loosest hook fits comfortably ensures that you’ll be able to tighten the band for a better fit over time.

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