5 Picture Perfect Places in Rome with Vanesa S.

Vanesa S.

The legend of Trevi fountain says you should toss a coin over your left shoulder to guarantee a return trip to Rome. I did that precisely one year ago and without even realizing all the roads were leading me back to Rome this November. So I guess the legend is more than real!

Things to know before your trip:

  • POPULATION: 2.876.51
  • CURRENCY: Euro
  • PAYMENT: In most places paying with credit card is no issue. Although have some Euros in your pocket for taxi or street food.
  • SAFETY: Like in any large European city, precautions are required. In general, Rome is a safe city, but petty theft can be a problem. Be alert around Termini station and stay away for signing any kind of humanitarian petitions, as they will most likely pickpocket you while signing for good cause.
  • PUBLIC TRANSPORTATION: Rome has great public transportation. There are many options, like the bus, tram or metro that will get you near any major tourist attraction and are safe to use, just keep an eye on your belongings.
  • BEST TIME TO VISIT – Rome is a popular city destination all year long, but the best time to visit is Spring and Summer.
As Rome is such a beautiful city to capture I will show you my favorite picture-perfect places, that you can visit next time in Rome.


Not only the most iconic tourist attraction in Rome, but as well one of the most picture-perfect places the city has to offer. As this Roman masterpiece is in an oval shape, you have plenty of options to capture its beauty. But to get the most out of this ancient monument it is necessary to position yourself from distance. One of the best places is on the Colle Oppio, the Oppian Hill that is located on the northern side right across the street from Colosseum.

Admission fee: Free (public park), although there is an admission fee for entering the Colosseum

Address: Piazza del Colosseum, 1, 00184 Roma RM, Italy

Photography tip: Wake up early, as the crowds start coming in at 9 o’clock.


No trip to Rome is complete without visiting the magical Trevi Fountain, especially for those who wish to return to the Eternal City one more time. Trevi Fountain is known as one of the most beautiful fountains in the world and the sound of water makes this place even more beautiful.

Admission fee: Free (public square)

Address: Piazza di Trevi, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

Photography tip: Visit Trevi Fountain at 6 o’clock if you wish to avoid the crowds. Also, sunrise lighting works the best for pictures.

Wearing Cosabella White Bodysuit and SheIn White Fury Jacket


Piazza Venezia is the main square in Rome surrounded by history and monuments like Basilica de Santa Maria di Loreto, Palazzo Valentini, Trajan’s Column and Palazzo Misciatelli that catch an eye of every visitor. That is why it offers one of the most beautiful panoramic views in Rome, especially if you visit the square at sunset.

Admission fee: Free (public square), although there is an admission fee to go to the top and see a panoramic view of Rome.

Address: Piazza Venezia, 00186 Roma RM, Italy


Castel Sant’Angelo is a fortress located on the right bank of the river Tiber, just few minutes walk from the Vatican. Many of you, who read the plot of Dan’s Brown Angels and Demons, will recognize this monument. I would advise you to visit the museum, but the view from the bridge with Bernini’s angels is just breathtaking and perfect to capture as well.

Admission fee: Free (public square), although there is an admission fee to enter the museum.

Address: Lungotevere Castello, 50, 00193 Roma RM, Italy


Spanish steps is a set of 135 steps between Piazza di Spagna at the base and Piazza Trinità dei Monti with Trinità dei Monti church at the top. Their unique design and elegance has made it a popular place for artists, painters and now bloggers.

Admission fee: Free (public square)

Address: Piazza di Spagna, 00187 Roma RM, Italy

I hope my pick of the most picture-perfect places will inspire you to travel to Rome and save you some time while planning a trip.


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