5 Bra Fit Tips You Need to Know

Are you wearing the right bra?

Spoiler: You’re not.

You wear your bra EVERY DAY. That’s about 16 hours a day, 7 days a week. Yet more than 80% of women wear the wrong bra size.

Wearing the best-fitting bra can truly change your life. With the perfect piece, you will feel better, look better, and fit better into your clothes. So why settle for anything less?

Let’s make sure you’re wearing the right bra with the right fit for you.

5 Essential Bra Fit Tips

Bra tip 1: SIZE 

You should get fitted to determine your bra size every 6 months. You’d be surprised by how often your body size changes in some slight way – weight loss, pregnancy, diet…your breasts will change too.

The first step is finding your correct size. You can get fitted at a department store or you can do it yourself at home with a tape measure and our handy guide.


Bra Tip 2: FIT

 Once you find your size, it’s important to pick a bra that you can wear with no issues.

  • Your breasts should be halfway between your elbows and shoulders
  • The back strap should be parallel to the ground
  • No spillage over the cups or sides
  • The center should lay flat


Next, you need to decide what kind of bra you need. There are several types and each serves a different purpose for your wardrobe.

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  • T-shirt: a comfortable bra for an everyday smooth silhouette
  • Statement: trendy and fun accessories meant to be shown off
  • Strapless: lies snug to the body for strapless tops
  • Bralette: a wireless “soft bra” for light support
  • Racerback: both fashionable and functional
  • Push Up: provides lift to look perky and full

Some styles work better for certain breast shapes than others. For example, Balconnette or Demi bras help lift sagging breasts. On the other hand, Push Up bras work to lift and push out breasts. Front close bras can bring in breasts closer together. Find what works best for you.


Bra Tip 4: FABRIC

There are endless options in fabrics for every occasion.

  • Cotton is a comfortable and naturally breathable fabric
  • Laces can be a beautiful thin or thick non-itchy style
  • Mesh feels super lightweight and breathable
  • Microfiber is ultra-smooth and lies nicely against the skin
  • Spacer conforms to your feminine shape and feels soft as ever

Bra Tip 5: QUALITY 

Considering how often you wear them, your bras should be investments. Purchasing a luxurious bra made of quality construction, like our fine Italian craftsmanship, superior fabrics and intricate details will last for years.

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