4 Reasons why bodysuits are the best thing EVER

The best part of Fall is here – and we’re not talking about pumpkin spice. Take a seat Starbucks, autumn is the season of the bodysuit.

Cosabella Trenta Lace Bodysuit, Cosabella bodysuits
Blogger Laura Ruof

Where do we even begin? Here at Cosabella we love bodysuits. Like, really love them. Back in the early 80’s Cosabella was the first ever to create one-pieces out of hosiery (the sexy lace and mesh used for stockings). Bam! Just like that, Cosabella propelled the bodysuit into the limelight to be adopted by celebrities and clamored for in Hollywood. Both Cosabella and our bodysuits became overnight sensations and these sexy one-pieces finally received the admiration they deserved.

Fast forward to present-day Fall and bodysuits are everywhere. From celebrities to bloggers, bodysuits have rightfully claimed their place in the fashion world as treasure troves of style. Give your T-shirt a break and trust us when we say that bodysuits are the way of the future. We could go on and on about all the reasons we’re obsessed with them…but we’ve narrowed it down to the four most important reasons why you need this fall trend in your life.

1. No more readjusting!

Cosabella Erin Fetherston Turtleneck Bodysuit, Cosabella bodysuitsCosabella Erin Fetherston Turtleneck Bodysuit, Cosabella bodysuits









Goodbye nip slips from shifty tank tops. Farewell to accidental midriff in midstretch. The days of constantly pulling up and tugging down your shirt are over. You may have never thought of one-pieces in this way, but bodysuits are extremely practical. The body hugging style guarantees a hands-free wear that keeps your outfit looking polished all day (or night!) long.

Looking to wear a daring style like an ultra low back, plunging V neckline, side cutouts, or mesh panels? A bodysuit is definitely your way to go. With less fabric and unconventional cuts (like shown above in our Erin Fetherston Turtleneck Bodysuit), tops with daring details can be tricky to keep in place and are a magnet for wardrobe malfunctions. Which leads us to reason number 2…

Cosabella Erin Fetherston Turtleneck Bodysuit, Cosabella bodysuits
Blogger Bethany Marieco

2. They’re perfect for layering

Cardigans! Boots! Scarves! Oh my! One of our favorite parts of the season is when the weather cools down allowing us to showcase the full range of our wardrobe (and our layering skills). The look above is the Trenta Lace Bodysuit paired with some tights, trendy leather shorts, and topped off with a chic blazer gracing her shoulders.

Cosabella Trenta Lace Bodysuit, Cosabella bodysuits

Keeping the cardinal rule in mind (keep layers thin to avoid a bulky, shapeless look), a form-fitting bodysuit is a perfect foundation for your fall outfits. And with long sleeved, short sleeved, and no-sleeved options, there are tons of bodysuit options as temperatures rise and fall. Cold weather bonus! All of Cosabella’s bodysuits have a clasp to allow for easy bathroom access

Cosabella Trenta Lace Bodysuit, Cosabella bodysuits.

3. And super flattering

Khole Kardashian Bodysuit, Khloe Kardashian wearing Cosabella, Cosabella bodysuits

Thank you, Khloe Kardashian, for showing us the light. When she was first spotted rocking our Marni Low Back Bodysuit we were dumbstruck – why had none of us thought of that before?? The Marni Bodysuit is part of Cosabella’s collection of shapewear that’s meant to push you in, out, and up, in all the right places. Hailed as a ‘must-have’ for its smoothing effect underneath clothes, we never thought to skip the middle man and just wear the Marni outright as it’s own top.

But you don’t need celebrity status to pull off this look, this shapewear bodysuit does the heavy lifting of smoothing out your silhouette that’s guaranteed for a bombshell look. The sheer mesh paneling is practical and a bonus stylish detail, the cups have padding in case you want a bit more va-va-voom (but removable padding in case you don’t), and the thong back ensures that whatever bottom you pair this with, they’re will be no panty lines to worry about.

Cosabella Marni Low Back Bodysuit, Cosabella bodysuits
Blogger Tienlyn Jacobson


4. Oh-so versatile

Fabulousness waits for no one. So when you get that invite for drinks after work, skip the outfit change and instead rely on pieces that can go the distance. Sweet by day and sexy by night, bodysuits are a transformable canvas that can take you from a board meeting to a bar crawl. Our personal going-out favorite is the Erin Fetherston Halter Bodysuit. For a daytime look, pair with a blazer and pencil skirt. When it’s time for fun, skip the jacket and show off the sexy halter neckline and open back detail.

Cosabella Erin Fetherston Halter Bodysuit, Cosabella bodysuits

Cosabella Erin Fetherston Halter Bodysuit, Cosabella bodysuits
Blogger Mel Denisse

Did we inspire you? If you’re looking to add some bodysuits as a new staple to your wardrobe, explore more Cosabella bodysuits here.


Cover photo credit: Francesca Cina